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Friday, May 22, 2009

Was he running low on donuts or what???

Yesterday Josh was on his way to work he has to drive 50 miles one way each day....he leaves at 6 in the morning, gets out on I-80 and goes....well yesterday on his way to work the car just decided to die...he was stranded somewhere between home and work...out on the busy interstate. I wasn't able to run and help as I had babysitting kids that would be arriving and Devin to get off to school. As he was talking to me on the cell phone telling me what he believed the problem was a state patrol officer just drove right by him....didn't stop to see if he needed any assistance...just buzzed right on by not even giving Josh a second look. This really pisses me off!!! I just do not understand how you can see someone out on the side of the busy interstate at 6:30 in the morning with their hood popped open and their hazard lights on and not even stop and see if they need some assistance....after all isn't your job to SERVE and PROTECT????? Josh said well maybe he seen I was on the cell and figured I had it under control...I say that shouldn't matter he SHOULD still stop and see if there is anything he can do. After all, Josh ended up only needing a jump start to get him back going again(had to do some minor stuff to it when he got to work) but he had to wait for 30 more minutes for his work partner to get to him to give him a jump.
According to what Devin always says he was probably running low on his donuts...apparently so!!!!!!


~Tom~ said...


Ever stop to think that by some chance the officer was on his way to a non-emergency but higher priority call? And the fact that Josh had a cell phone would indicate to the officer that he had means of calling for help. lol

~Thought's By Dena~ said...

BUT the officer did not know if josh had found anyone to help him...had he just stopped to see if he needed help he could of helped him in a matter of 2 minutes and been on his way. its the fact he is a state patrol officer driving on the interstate if he see's someone stranded he should stop and assist...I just wouldnt want to be out there and have one just drive on by me!!!!