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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Its coming back!!!

I’ve always noticed that things in pop culture seem to cycle around. It seems like everything runs in 20 year cycles. Not long ago, I noticed a revival of 1980s culture coming back into the mainstream. It’s so funny thinking back to the clothes we wore in high school and seeing them on the girls of today.

Remember the big hair, shoulder pad jackets, and tights? But I never ever thought that one thing would ever be back in style, and it’s something I saw while shopping LEGWARMERS! Oh my god! Olivia Newton John, where are you? How on earth did that ever come back into vogue?

Leg warmers were extremely popular in the early 1980’s as it was a fashionable icon for teenage girls. The craze certainly picked up due to the influence of films like Fame and Flashdance had on them. They were typically worn with leggings, jeans and tights.

Today this fashion piece is often worn over tights or leggings and matched with a short or long skirt. It can also be worn over jeans depending on the style. The great thing about leg warmers today is that they can be worn with just about any type of shoes including flip flops.

It just reinforces the idea that every 10 years, the last decade is so uncool (is it cool to say cool?) and every 20 years, the old styles come back into fashion. I remember in the 80s, disco was way out, and in the 90s it made a resurgence. Now it’s the 2000s and the 1980s are back in style. Excuse me while I go see if I can find my leggings, my acid wash jeans,my parachute pants, my layered socks, my jellies, and my swatch watch. Oh you know they are all coming just wait!!!

Swatch Watch with Guard


Sally's World said...

ahhhh NO not those bloody jelly shoes.....please!

Joanie M said...

Wow! What a flashback! All that hair! I sure hope the "Desperately Seeking Susan" lok doesn't come back. That was simply awful! Madonna at once of her worst fashion trends!

RileyScott said...

Um...I lived through the 90's I saw no disco resurgence.

~Thought's By Dena~ said...

Riley disco came back in the 90's it was in a different form then how it was in the 70's...during the 90s. Music that was derived from disco include Euro, Garage, House and HI-Energy. "DANCE" music as we called it in the 90's. If you do research on the disco in the 90s you will see Im not messin with ya. It all comes back just some times not always EXACTLY like it was before

Lady of Perpetual Chaos said...

It's worth it for the jelly shoes though right?! I'd buy them for my girls! ;o)