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Friday, May 29, 2009

Favorite 4 My Friday

My favorite Im going to post about today is one of my favorite friends...he is always there for me...we have never met face to face...we have only shared emails...text calls...and back in the old days chatting online. He came into my life just when I was needing someone the most and well he's stayed no matter what has happened in the last few years,and lets just say ALOT has happened!!! Hes kind of my "go-to" person. We have watched each other grow into better and stronger people...we have watched each other as we raise our kids and deal with the rough times that sometimes come with that....he has watched me go thru my nasty divorce and helped me to never lose faith in myself, and has helped me pull myself together again when times have been too hard to handle. He's laughed with me and he's cried with me...he's helped me to understand a mans point a view...even though most of the time I think their view stinks!! hehe Many miles are between us he's in New York and Im in Nebraska....but nothing can come between the friendship we have built over the years...and I look forward to sharing the years to come.....thanks Tom for being my friend!!!

This is actually the picture I have set so when Tom calls me I get to see this pop up on my phone and so I usually always answer giggling ...and he knows its because I got to see THIS!!!!

What a lovely thing it is
To have a loyal friend
Someone who understands us
On whom we can depend
A friend who sees and knows
Our faults
And likes us anyway
And never seems to take offence
At anything we say
Who helps us through our troubles
Stands by us in our needs
Such friendship transcends
Barriers of color race and creed
For friendship is a precious gift
And we should always treasure
The ones who share our grief
Our joy
Our heartache and our pleasure


~Tom~ said...

Oh my...I am all mixed between being choked up, feeling proud, happy, and wanting to smack you upside the head for posting that one pic dork. lol

You are right. We do share a special bond. You have been my best friend through it all. You have been my strength to overcome so many things. I can not imagine my life with out you being a part of it.

Thank you for this blog. I am honored and touched.

PS-I will pay you back somehow for that picture! LOL

~Thought's By Dena~ said...

oooh you did NOT just call me dork!!!!!!!!! hehe I told you when you sent me that pic I was going to post it....I just decided to wait it out until you wasn't expecting it!!!!

RileyScott said...

You two have a very special bond, and that's wonderful to see.

It actually is very poignant to how I'm feeling today.

And men's view of things don't always stink....they're just simplified.