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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The news haunts me

Lately it seems that the news I see on tv haunts me all day and night. Like this one I saw last night, a pediatrician molested 103 children during Dr. visits!! If you haven't heard about this you can click here to read about it and even see a picture of this man!! This has been on my mind so much it just really upsets me and once again makes me wonder what is happening to the people in this world. Why does it seem like it is becoming harder and harder for us to know who we can trust. And what makes it even worse is when there are reports made and investigations that are supposed to be done and yet people like this don't get punished, which was the case with this man. Well now he's been caught and they have 13 hours of video of him doing what he did to these innocent children so now he had better pay the price for this, and I hope and pray I never read or hear about the day that this man is walking freely among us again!!
It also made me think when I heard about this where were the parents that took the kids to the doctor?? I dont know the details about how the doc got the kids away from the parent to have time to do this but I know that when my children were little and went for visits no way did they spend time alone with the doctor without me and I think this should be a wake up call to parents all over the world. There should be no reason that a doctor has to examine your child without you being present...after all its nothing we haven't seen before!
I really look forward to those days when I click on the news and I read about the GOOD people in this world because its really scary knowing we live among monsters like this!

Monday, February 22, 2010

my struggle

Just wanted to say thanks to everyone that left comments and emails to encourage me in not giving up with trying to lose all this extra weight Ive been carrying around. It does help when you hear words of encouragement and or even when someone tells you about their success with the same issue. Josh and I have decided to get serious about doing the EA active on the wii at least until the weather gets nicer and we can get out and start walking and bike riding. So maybe one day this wont be my one of my struggles!!
FatWomenTryingtogetpantson.jpg image by scudzilla69

Now this brings me to a thought that I sometimes have. Back in the early 1800s the average woman looked like this:

and that was considered attractive to men, for a woman to have extra weight on her body meant that she was of good health. Then in the early 19oo's the full-figured female body was replaced by the ultra-thin body, our country saw an increase in eating disorders and a preoccupation with obesity. Some women internalize our society's thinness ideal and when they can not measure up to the ridiculous standards set for the female body, they often develop a negative body image. Negative body images can lead some individuals into unhealthy eating patterns and eating disorders. When I was a teenager I was one of those girls I starved myself so that I felt like I was skinny and fit into what was accepted even though I was in NO WAY even considered to be fat at all,I even landed myself in the hospital with a feeding tube so that I could get my strength back. As I was so weak I couldnt even walk. I am past those days and would never do anything like that now, but I do struggle with my weight gain and it does get the best of me. I dont have a desire to be like some skinny super model I just want to be back to the point where I feel comfortable in my own skin again. Where I can walk up and down my stairs in my house and not feel winded. Where I can put on my clothes and actually feel like I look good and not be worrying about how to try to hide the fat rolls.
For now keep your words of encouragement coming and keep sharing your stories with me and one day I will have my own weight loss success story to share with you!

weightLoss34.jpg weight loss image by flipper4777

Friday, February 19, 2010

Im FAT!!!!!

I know that its normal for most people to put on some weight during the winter months but I honestly feel like Ive packed on so much weight that I feel like when I was nine months pregnant (AND NO IM NOT PREGNANT) but I do have that fear that one day someone will ask me that question and man would I just die! I get so upset with this. I honestly don't over eat, and I drink lots of water, I know I need to get more physical I got the wii ea active and man is it a work out but I talk myself out of doing it all the time and that's not good at all. And now I just simply feel very down and depressed about my weight I honestly no longer feel comfortable in my skin! Josh said once it warms up that he will get out and walk with me and we can ride our bikes Im just afraid by the time it gets warmer out I will be even more out of shape. I have a fear of stopping for a break every few minutes because Im out of breath

or looking like this on a bike

and then summer will be here and it will be time to go soak up the sun in the back yard and Im afraid of the exposing the neighbors to this!

UGGGG its truly time I do something about this or this is all Im going to find to fit into!!! And I dont know about you but its just not my style!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Music 4 Monday

I hope that everyone had a nice Valentines Day......Josh and I got each other matching promise rings that are engraved Always and Forever. I love them so much!!! With that said this song seemed appropriate for today.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Something on my mind

So the other day I was listening to the news on tv as I was washing the dishes and I heard them talking about a boy that had shot and killed his fathers pregnant girl friend and how he was going to be held on two counts of murder, one for the death of the girl friend and one for the unborn baby. This got me to thinking, how is it that if someone kills a pregnant woman that it is possible for them to be charged with TWO counts of murder and yet there are woman every day,approximately 3,700 everyday in the USA alone, that go and have abortions which in my estimation is the same as killing an unborn baby. I do not understand this!!
Can anyone help me to make sense of this????
I realize that this is one of those subjects that is very touchy with some people...but I will not apologize for my own feelings. I just do not believe in abortion and when I heard about this case it just made me stop and wonder how the laws can change for the situations and yet they both are basically the same crime.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Music 4 Monday

Everyone has their opinion about Adam Lambert...mine is I happen to think he's pretty hes my pick for this go Adam!!!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Im just curious is anyone else getting comments from people they dont know in a language you dont speak (or in this case read)? I get at least 3 or 4 a day and its driving me crazy!!!!! Some of them I can read and they are advertisements for some kind of scam, others will have a bunch of symbols with once in awhile a word in english and the word is usually something to do with sex...Im just curious if this kind of thing is happening to anyone else out there and if you know how you get it to stop!! I just reject the comments and dont let them be published but I wasnt sure if there was something that can be done to get them to stop all together....if anyone has an idea on what can be done about this PLEASE let me know!!!