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Monday, February 22, 2010

my struggle

Just wanted to say thanks to everyone that left comments and emails to encourage me in not giving up with trying to lose all this extra weight Ive been carrying around. It does help when you hear words of encouragement and or even when someone tells you about their success with the same issue. Josh and I have decided to get serious about doing the EA active on the wii at least until the weather gets nicer and we can get out and start walking and bike riding. So maybe one day this wont be my one of my struggles!!
FatWomenTryingtogetpantson.jpg image by scudzilla69

Now this brings me to a thought that I sometimes have. Back in the early 1800s the average woman looked like this:

and that was considered attractive to men, for a woman to have extra weight on her body meant that she was of good health. Then in the early 19oo's the full-figured female body was replaced by the ultra-thin body, our country saw an increase in eating disorders and a preoccupation with obesity. Some women internalize our society's thinness ideal and when they can not measure up to the ridiculous standards set for the female body, they often develop a negative body image. Negative body images can lead some individuals into unhealthy eating patterns and eating disorders. When I was a teenager I was one of those girls I starved myself so that I felt like I was skinny and fit into what was accepted even though I was in NO WAY even considered to be fat at all,I even landed myself in the hospital with a feeding tube so that I could get my strength back. As I was so weak I couldnt even walk. I am past those days and would never do anything like that now, but I do struggle with my weight gain and it does get the best of me. I dont have a desire to be like some skinny super model I just want to be back to the point where I feel comfortable in my own skin again. Where I can walk up and down my stairs in my house and not feel winded. Where I can put on my clothes and actually feel like I look good and not be worrying about how to try to hide the fat rolls.
For now keep your words of encouragement coming and keep sharing your stories with me and one day I will have my own weight loss success story to share with you!

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~Tom~ said...

Hugz kiddo. I have seen you overcome many things in life. This is just one more challenge I know you will tackle.

I never knew about the incident when you were a teen. All I can say is Hugz. My daughter has commented about being fat on occasion. It sends up immediate red flags for us and we go out of our way to assure her she is fine just the way she is.

Homer and Queen said...

I hate trying to lose weight! Good luck!

Scot said...

Personally, I like the 1800's figure better.

Matty said...

You hit the nail on the head with the bit about feeling like you have to lose weight when there isn't a weight problem. I see it with several women and teen girls I know. It's a shame that TV and ads drill it into women that in order to be considered attractive, they have to be thin.

Eating healthy and some exercise goes a long way in self-confidence, fitness and overall good health. Keep up the good work.

Cheryl said...

I use to do the same thing when I was a teenager...I would practically starve myself...but it gave me a sense of accomplishment, because I was in control of my hunger and what and when I ate. Hunger pangs were a "reward" and meant I was doing a good job controlling my eating. I can't even imagine doing that now...I love food waaaay too much to go without...LOL Sometimes I wish I didn't love food so much...cuz I HATE exercising! LOL

Anonymous said...

Strive towards your ideal self. NOT the ideals of anyone or anything else! If your ideal self is 220 pounds, then so be it. You will be sexy beyond belief, and you must give yourself permission to see that before anyone else will be permitted into your trust. Further still, extra weight is a luxury until it becomes so over the top as to begin diminishing in returns. It's biologically and instinctively sexy to anyone who is not mentally impaired.