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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

What about me 4 Wednesday

Thats me today..I've got an empty thought bubble..Ive got nothing to write "what about me."...just simply nothing
what about you..ever have those kind of days?????

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Question for the Women????

I know this might seem like a strange question to ask...but I have to ask it.....its one for all the women out there....what brand of make-up do you use??? As Im getting older the make-up Ive always used just isnt working with my skin anymore!!! I seem to be trying every brand I can find and I have yet to find one that makes me go WOW..I LOVE THIS STUFF!!!! So I wanted to see what everyone else is leave a comment and let me know what is it that you swear by!

Toon 4 my Tuesday

Monday, September 28, 2009

Question 4 you!?!?

When you read someone's you read all the comments that have been left first...or do you skip to the end and leave yours????

*I usually skip down and write mine first , just so I don't forget what was the first thing that popped into my head when I read the post....but before I post it I will usually read the others so if mine ends up being just like someone elses I can change it up a bit and it doesn't come out sounding like I just copied another person*

Music 4 my Monday

Enjoy some Def Leppard....

Friday, September 25, 2009

Have a SUPER week-end

Whatever you do this week-end I hope that you are safe and that you have a GREAT time....Im not a big drinker but every now and then I want a wine cooler, Mikes Hard Lemonade, a margarita..mud slide...something of the sort...well last Friday when Josh and I were all alone we decided to have a couple drinks...I went for the Mikes Hard Pink Lemonade....besides it being really had an ad on it for Breast Cancer research...seems they are donating money from the sale of this product to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation in memory of someone that used to be a part of the Mikes here is yet ANOTHER way to help with the cause!!

Favorite 4 my Friday

Well here it is Friday already...yay!!!! I love it when its the alarm clock going schedule to follow....just do what ya want when ya want I'm going to FINALLY show off some pics from LAST week-end..when I finally had ALL three of my boys home again...its been when it happens I'm always super happy!!!! And I'm a camera freak which ends up making my boys get all cranky....but that doesn't stop me!!!!! So my FAVORITE this week is of course my time with all three of my boys!!!!!

The older boys made it home to watch Devin play was exciting for them to watch their 11 year old brother out there playing what they spent years was cute after the game watching his big brother Kody showing him some secret moves.. oh and by the way they won this game too!! yay!!!!

We all got home..Josh started the grill and we all patiently awaited some good ole grilled burgers...omg Im telling you Josh is the grill master!!!!

After that the boys took turns playing Guitar Hero:

I love the look on Kody's face..hehe

Align CenterDakota trying to pretend he doesnt see me with camera
(and yes he has THAT growth on his face AGAIN)

Devin taking it oh so serious!!!!
(actually he is really good at it...better then both his brothers)

Dakota tried to freak me out pretending he swallowed the knife

Something on the laptop had their attention....hmmmm wonder what it was??

Josh took a moment and called his boys...they live in Florida with their mom
look at that smile

You have no idea how many times I took the picture just to get one they all were smiling and looking at the camera at the same time!!!!!


Oh I give up.....if you can't beat them (and you can't)
then join them!!!!!!


For the life of me I could not figure out how to get the random number generator to copy and paste so I could put it on here to show you who the winner is...I even went to another number generator and tried it there still no luck but I was blown away when the exact same number showed up on both number I'm guessing it is REALLY meant to be that Juls is the winner of this ohhh so ugly Halloween Witch!!!!! I took pics of both of the number generators with my phone and sent them to my email to post here, that seem to be the only way I could get them on here and thats why the pics turned out so small and look like they have grey lines going thru them...its off of my computer screen...anyway...

Can you see it...#4 on both of them !!!

She will be on her way to your house SOON Juls!!!

Thank you to everyone that participated in this giveaway.. and as a thank you, you are all welcome to visit our store and if you see something you want use code "blog5" and get
5% off of anything!!!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I just cant believe this!!!!

I just seen this on tv this morning and I am so upset about it that I just have to blog about it to get it off my chest (no pun intended) first watch this ad........

I'm very big on breast cancer mom had breast cancer and as you know from reading my blog I try to find ways to help in not only breast cancer awareness but in cancer research....I find this ad VERY distasteful!!! I feel the whole point of what it is suppose to be about is lost! They talk about wanting to make the big WOW factor in ads now..I don't know if you have seen the one about teens and texting if you haven't seen it then view this ad....

Now THAT gives you the WOW factor!!!! That hits home...that lets you know the effects of texting while driving no questions asked....see the difference between the two ads??? I'm not saying that is the way things need to be advertised, but if people are wanting more of a WOW factor when it comes to ads then maybe ads that have to deal with things like breast cancer should be more about the effects of going thru cancer treatments has on a person..the way their body changes and their appearance changes,I watched my own mom go thru this....I think there would be more of a WOW factor if men and women had to see what a woman goes thru when she goes thru cancer treatment, losing their hair, being sick all the time, in some cases even losing their breast!!!! Make the reality of this disease be the WOW factor not some woman with big boobs in a skimpy bikini getting the attention of all the men at a pool...thats NOT the reality of this at all.....I think if people had to see things like the reality of this disease that would give you the same kind of WOW factor as the texting ad....we don't need to see women's boobs thrown out there as objects anymore and the "save the boobs ad" did that once again!!! You want to get the message out there about serious things...then make the ad serious!!! Don't take something like breast cancer and make it another way for you to flash womens breast around on the tv screen some more...just watching tv gives us way more of that then we need to see!!! So now give me your do you feel about this ads???

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


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tuesday toons mixed with music monday

As a few people so kindly pointed out they missed my music 4 monday post....Im sorry I was busy yesterday and I did not make it on to blogger...but it does give one a good feeling to know that some people look forward to something as simple as thanks guys for the comments and emails asking me where the music 4 monday was at... Im going to making up for it now....

Here is a hint about my week-end.....

Thats right I had ALL three of my boys home!!!!
(will post some pics in the next post)

And now for the toon 4 tuesday

Friday, September 18, 2009

YOU are NOT welcome in my dreams!!!

Yale Slaying

Phillip Garrido, charged with kidnapping Jaycee Lee Dugard, told court he stalked girls at schools

Murder Charges brought against Mother of Caylee Anthony

What happened to Haleigh Cummings

8 year old Robert Manwill found dead in canal while visiting his mother

Melissa Huckaby, a Sunday school teacher at her grandfather's California church accused of murdering 8 year old Sandra Cantu

Craiglist murderer caught

Ryan Jenkins accused of killing his wife...then kills himself

Another school shoooting

Do any of these things sound familiar to you?? If you turn on your tv and watch the news at all Im sure they do...It seems that each and every day the news is full of all the crazy things that are going on in this world we live in.. sometimes it makes me so nervous I start feeling like its not even safe for me to let my kid go out to play, or go to school. I do not know what is going on in the world we live in but honestly something NEEDS to change!!! Most of the things happening are happening by know the people that should be old enough to know better!!! The people that are here to watch over their own kiddos and sometimes ours, to guide them and help them to turn into great adults.....but instead they are the ones killing their own child or someone elses...stealing them and holding them hostage for years, stealing them to do unspeakable acts and then killing them.....these are full grown adults that for whatever reasons find it their right to just do whatever they want to another person. This is NOT how it was meant to be!!! And because I see this night after night on the news it is starting to effect my dreams two nights now Ive had the craziest dreams of me trying to save people from the crazies in the world...I'm sorry but that's just not possible for me to do alone!!! But the thing is I wake from these dreams and I'm feeling so upset and sometimes even scared!!! It just has to stop!!! I get so upset seeing it on tv or hearing it on the radio or even reading about the bad in the there anything GOOD happening?????? Because honestly I could use some of that!!!! I know that when I get on a tangent about things like this I always hear the same response that's the media they report what people want to hear and people want to hear the bad.....really??? Is that true?? Am I the ONLY ONE that is so sick and tired of hearing the bad I REALLY REALLY want to hear some GOOD news for a change? Im beginning to think I need to stay away from the news for awhile because I cant keep having all that bad invade my dreams at night!!!!

Favorite 4 my Friday

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One of my most favorite things is being able to see my boys after they have been gone for my oldest sone Kody who had been in Germany for 3 1/2 weeks.....
he's baaaaaaaaack !!!!!

Showing off how BIG the beer mugs are over there!

Look at that goofy smile...he's proud of the beer stein and I forgot what the other one was called, all I can remember is the other one is made out of pewter... he bought those while in Germany and he was so proud..can't ya tell?

As always being goofy with his little brother..oh the effects of having two brothers in college can have on an 11 year old!!!

Looks innocent..right??? But Kody is squeezing the "beegeesus" out of Devin and he does it with a smile on his face!

And look does he know his momma or what...he brought me 3 BIG bars of Chocolate.....yes we opened all 3 and yes we tried some of each!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Check out my SocialVibe

Do you see the little "social vibe" widget I have on the right hand side of my page...its way down there down by the breast cancer on it each and every day answer the question it has on it and whoever is the sponsor for that day they make a donation towards cancer the more people that do it the more donations get made...come on it doesnt get any easier then this!!! I lost my mom to cancer almost 11 years ago so every time I find a way that I can help in finding a cure Im all about it!! This year alone more that 192,000 women will be effected by breast cancer and about 40,000 will lose their life to it. About 21,550 new cases of ovarian cancer will be diagnosed and there will be about 14,600 deaths, there will be 106,100 new cases of colon cancer (52,010 in men and 54,090 in women) and 40,870 new cases of rectal cancer (23,580 in men and 17,290 in women) about 49,920 deaths (25,240 in men and 24,680 in women) during 2009.
I don't like those statistics and I know you don't here's a way that you can help in finding a cure and all it will take is less then 2 minutes to click on that widget and answer the it every day because the more we do it the more donations get made..and hopefully soon we won't be looking at numbers like that!!!!

CancerSucks.jpg cancer sucks image by PTeele

Thought 4 my Thursday

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I won't be doing THAT again!!

I've been tagged by my bloggin buddy Matty...

I have to describe 10 things I've done in my life that I will NEVER do again.
So without further adieu, here goes:

1) I will never no matter what get back with either of my ex' was BAD experience #1 and #2 and that's all the bad experiences I need in my life!!! I had 8 years of sexual,emotional,and physical abuse with the first one, and 10 years of emotional abuse that turned physical with the second I can safely say I will NEVER do that again!

2) I will never dye my hair super blond again..I did that about 10 years ago and didn't realize how stupid being THAT blond looked until recently when I seen pictures of myself and I thought why the hell didn't anyone say anything!!! (it was horrible trust me)

3)I will never I don't care what the situation is..stay in this one hotel in Kansas City was horrible, there were candy wrappers laying around,and a used q-tip in the window pane..and in the middle of the night someone was trying to get into our room because the person at the front desk accidentally gave them a card for OUR room...lucky we had that extra little bar you can pull across the door so they couldn't get in....but man that was enough for me..I will never stay there again!!!

4)I will never try smoking again...I never did it as a habit but a friend and I thought years ago before I was a mom , that we wanted to try it and see what the thrill was all about......nope not my thing...its gross and it makes you I know I will NEVER try that again!

5)I will never eat liver and onions again...when I was a kid my mom would make us eat those..even though she sat there and ate something else...why?? because she didn't like liver and onions well neither did I but she always made me eat them and it just didn't matter how much ketchup I put on them to try to kill the just was NASTY!!!

6)I will never get another divorce....been there done that TWICE....just not going to happen...of course Im not married now and say I will never get married again...but thats one that you never know what might I didnt list that one....but I know IF I ever do the marriage thing again...I wont be doing the divorce yeah lets just not get married then I dont have to worry about it!!!

7)I will never walk into the bathroom to go potty in the middle of the night with no light on and just assume that the men in the house put the lid back down.....enough said!!!

8)I will never just trust someone from the get -go...I know that's probably not a good way to be..but considering the things that I have gone thru in this life when it comes to major trust issues being broken I am now one that feels you have to earn my trust.

9) I will never try riding on my sons ripstik again...he wanted me to try it and I didnt want to do it while everyone was around so I tried it when I was alone...omg I almost killed myself!!! And no one knows I actually tried this so dont tell them..because Im telling you I will NEVER try this again!!!

10) I will never get on an elevator alone...ok this one I have never done..but I just know I never will do way it just cant happen...I'm very claustrophobic along with the fact I'm horribly afraid of getting trapped in the elevator and I certainly don't want to be in there alone!!!!

There ya go there's my list of never to do's......some funny and some not so funny...but all things I will never do I have to tag 5 people to do this too and those 5 lucky people are!!! Every Day Is a Crazee Day Babbles and Life stories boylerpf

Meeko Fabulous at The Ramblings of a Disgruntled Secretary

Andrea at Blogging Mama

Of course each and every one of you are welcome to do this...if you do let me know so I can come see what your list is full of!!!!

What about me 4 Wednesday

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I love Doritos....I have to really watch myself when I open a bag cuz I can down half the bag before I realize what I've done...and well Im just really afraid of looking like this!!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Question 4 you?!?!

Don't forget about the GIVEAWAY!!!

Lets say that you are only able to see things in black and white...then one day you find that you can see only one color along with black and white...what color would you want it to be????

*I think Id pick red..or maybe would be nice....geez that's a hard one*

(picture done by my friend Tom)

Toon 4 Tuesday

Love is…
Love is... #39 (1995)
bringing out the best in each other.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Our week-end

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This week-end was our little towns annual celebration....we had 2 days of the carnival in town where there were lots of rides to be ridden and lots of games to be played...and on Saturday morning there was a parade!!

Devin rode on rides all night long both Friday and Saturday night...on Saturday night he was so excited that his big brother Dakota came home and even rode on the tilt-awhirl
with him and a friend

On Sunday Devin had his first 5th & 6th grade tackle football game....I still can't believe my little 11 year old is playing TACKLE football!!! But we did win our first game...YAY!!!!

So after many and I do mean MANY hours of walking around the streets of my small town watching Devin ride on the rides...and play the games....and eating lots of unhealthy for me food....because I cant go to a carnival without having a funnel cake and a corn dog...ok so I had a couple of them!!! I don't know about you but those are just two things that always taste so good at the carnival!!! And then following that off with a football game on Sunday along with running around trying to get caught up on laundry and at least a tad bit of cleaning so that the kiddos I watch during the week can just make it all messy is now Monday and I feel exhausted!!!! I'm just glad this only comes around once a year!! I know that's a sure sign I'm getting older..but I'm fine with that!! *smile*

Music 4 my Monday

I love this song....but then I think Eddie Money rocks!!!! I secretly want to be this woman in the know go kick some butt of some cocky guys acting all bad ass....race them and put them in their place!!! (yeah that was my evil side peeking out) *smile*

Friday, September 11, 2009

Favorite 4 my Friday

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Well as you know from reading my blog..Im a very proud momma...and so thats my topic for my favorites for today...its MY BOYS!!!

Kody is still in Germany, part of his National Guard duties...I haven't been able to talk to him over the phone for the last 3 weeks but I have received a couple emails from him so that's been nice...he comes back the 16th....of course he will be busy trying to get caught up with all the school work he's missed out on, (he's in his junior year of college)...he has been doing some of the stuff online so he wont be way behind, plus he will be busy working so some where in all that he will have to squeeze in some mom time....Im so proud of him!!!

Then there's my Dakota...I have no idea why his picture came out so small on here....but I had problems getting it loaded so I guess I'll just be glad it finally loaded and stop bitching about the size of it....anyway last week he received his first diploma from his first year of college....he's going to school for auto body and after his first year and summer classes too he got his first diploma...but he isn't finished with school yet...he's still there working on his associates degree in auto body....just like his older brother he works..goes to school and has his own place....I'm so proud of him !!!

And last there's my Devin....he's a big 5th grader this year and it just seems like he's growing up way too fast...I'm assuming that's just a normal feeling when it comes to your last one...I feel like I want to hold on to him real tight and never let him go.....although if he follows his big brother's footsteps he will be fine I'm sure. His grades put him at the top of his class, this year he started tackle football, he loves to golf, play video games, ride his bike and his ripstik....he's such a good kid....honestly you couldn't ask for a sweeter more kind hearted kid then Devin....I'm so proud of him!!!

Now I would like to point out the expression on each of their faces.....I just love it when they get that mom take the frikkin picture and be done with it look..or maybe its more of I'm going to smack you if you take that picture any rate I wonder where they get that from???

(what the heck...mine is small too...I swear something weird is going on!)
Plus I have tried to fix the size of the font 5 times and it won't change so I apologize that its all different sizes its like my blog had a mind of its own this morning

Thursday, September 10, 2009