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Friday, September 4, 2009

Favorite 4 my Friday

My favorite for this friday ..................LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG WEEKENDS!!!

What will you be doing this week-end???

~Hanging at the beach~

~Relaxing at home~

~Barbecue with the family~

~Watching a parade~

Whatever you do....enjoy safe and have a good time!!!

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As for us...we have no plans..we are just going to take our long week-end as it comes..and sometimes thats the best way!!!! As you know I dont post over the week-ends and since its a long one i wont be back to post until Tuesday..see you all then!!


~Tom~ said...

We usually go camping on Labor Day weekend. However, after living in a tent for two months, I thought it would be cruel to subject Kevin to that so soon. Plus, since I am leaving Tuesday for a week long business trip, I suppose I need to take care of things like mowing the lawn.

Sunday is the only day we have plans that I know of. It is my niece's 2nd birthday so we will be at her party. Then Tuesday I am off to Alexandria Bay for 4 days.

Momza said...

have a fabulous weekend no matter what you do!

Delena said...

Having our third annual Sept. long weekend camp-out at our place. Company from Alaska and friends from near and far. Lots of laughing, eating and oh yeah drinking, some golf!

Missy said...

Have a great one! I will be battling some sort of illness that resembles the flu! LOL

Sally's World said...

work work work for me i'm afraid!!!!

i've tagged you for something xxxxx

Meeko Fabulous said...

Went to Las Vegas! :) It was an awesome time! Post coming tomorrow at some point! :)