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Monday, September 14, 2009

Our week-end

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This week-end was our little towns annual celebration....we had 2 days of the carnival in town where there were lots of rides to be ridden and lots of games to be played...and on Saturday morning there was a parade!!

Devin rode on rides all night long both Friday and Saturday night...on Saturday night he was so excited that his big brother Dakota came home and even rode on the tilt-awhirl
with him and a friend

On Sunday Devin had his first 5th & 6th grade tackle football game....I still can't believe my little 11 year old is playing TACKLE football!!! But we did win our first game...YAY!!!!

So after many and I do mean MANY hours of walking around the streets of my small town watching Devin ride on the rides...and play the games....and eating lots of unhealthy for me food....because I cant go to a carnival without having a funnel cake and a corn dog...ok so I had a couple of them!!! I don't know about you but those are just two things that always taste so good at the carnival!!! And then following that off with a football game on Sunday along with running around trying to get caught up on laundry and at least a tad bit of cleaning so that the kiddos I watch during the week can just make it all messy is now Monday and I feel exhausted!!!! I'm just glad this only comes around once a year!! I know that's a sure sign I'm getting older..but I'm fine with that!! *smile*


Kathy B! said...

I love the town carnivals! So much fun... And once a year *is* plenty :)

Meeko Fabulous said...

Glad you had a good time! :)

~Tom~ said...

Wow look at Devin all growing up. It is an awesome age. He is sold enough to do things like the football but, still young enough to want to do the carnival rides. Glad you had an awesome weekend!

Homer and Queen said...

We will be looking for him in the NFL...

RileyScott said...

Sounds like great fun Dena! And you're not getting old, you're getting....seasoned.

Matty said...

Don't ya just love those small town fairs? You can't resist the food after smelling the aroma wafting through the air.

Sounds like you all had fun.

Alicia @ boylerpf said...

I love carnivals! They are fun to walk around and the buzz just keeps you going and on another level of excitement. Don't blame you one bit for being tired! What a handsome guy...they always look so grown up in football gear!

Cozyflier said...

Oh Dena, been there-done that!!!! When we lived in a tiny little town in OK, we did that with our 2 older sons. Kev would practice more sidewalk medicine than we would in the clinic all that Friday!!!

Looks like so much fun. Devin looks great in his uniform.

OH, I agree about Funnel Cake! Love it :)