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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Question 4 you?!?

If you could fast forward thru something in your life...
would you and what would it be???

*I'd like to fast forward thru the trying to lost weight process and jump right into the
"after" pictures!!!*


Juls said...

Me too! That's a great one. Hmm, how about long waits at dr's offices....that's something that really irks me. Not that I really go to the dr. much--but when I have to go, I so loathe sitting and waiting.

Alicia @ boylerpf said... the weight one! I would like to fast forward through this awful economic time and get to the end of the road. Wouldn't that be awesome?

~Tom~ said...

I would love to fast forward through any visits to the dentist. I hate it!

Matty said...

Great question Dena. I love the thought required for this one. I would fast forward through a few periods of my life:

Junior high was awkward for me. I was far from popular, and I was a little, skinny runt with a big mouth that was writing checks my body couldn't cash. I found myself cornered many a time by bigger tougher kids who didn't like what I was saying. ( Sigh ) But I survived.

The divorce process from my first wife.

The recovery from my recent knee injury/surgery.

There ya have it.

Kathy B! said...

High school!!