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Friday, September 25, 2009

Favorite 4 my Friday

Well here it is Friday already...yay!!!! I love it when its the alarm clock going schedule to follow....just do what ya want when ya want I'm going to FINALLY show off some pics from LAST week-end..when I finally had ALL three of my boys home again...its been when it happens I'm always super happy!!!! And I'm a camera freak which ends up making my boys get all cranky....but that doesn't stop me!!!!! So my FAVORITE this week is of course my time with all three of my boys!!!!!

The older boys made it home to watch Devin play was exciting for them to watch their 11 year old brother out there playing what they spent years was cute after the game watching his big brother Kody showing him some secret moves.. oh and by the way they won this game too!! yay!!!!

We all got home..Josh started the grill and we all patiently awaited some good ole grilled burgers...omg Im telling you Josh is the grill master!!!!

After that the boys took turns playing Guitar Hero:

I love the look on Kody's face..hehe

Align CenterDakota trying to pretend he doesnt see me with camera
(and yes he has THAT growth on his face AGAIN)

Devin taking it oh so serious!!!!
(actually he is really good at it...better then both his brothers)

Dakota tried to freak me out pretending he swallowed the knife

Something on the laptop had their attention....hmmmm wonder what it was??

Josh took a moment and called his boys...they live in Florida with their mom
look at that smile

You have no idea how many times I took the picture just to get one they all were smiling and looking at the camera at the same time!!!!!


Oh I give up.....if you can't beat them (and you can't)
then join them!!!!!!


Juls said...

I wish I was there to fight for my turn on guitar hero... Looks like a good time. Glad you had all your boys together...and weekends are my fave too!

Matty said...

Isn't it great when the whole family is there? I love it when all my kids are together with me. I'm glad that you have all three boys in the same place at the same time. Good bonding.

P.S. I'm a camera junky too.

Meeko Fabulous said...

I'm back! Almost 95% recovered. Great pics of the boys. I think it's great how much you love them.