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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The news haunts me

Lately it seems that the news I see on tv haunts me all day and night. Like this one I saw last night, a pediatrician molested 103 children during Dr. visits!! If you haven't heard about this you can click here to read about it and even see a picture of this man!! This has been on my mind so much it just really upsets me and once again makes me wonder what is happening to the people in this world. Why does it seem like it is becoming harder and harder for us to know who we can trust. And what makes it even worse is when there are reports made and investigations that are supposed to be done and yet people like this don't get punished, which was the case with this man. Well now he's been caught and they have 13 hours of video of him doing what he did to these innocent children so now he had better pay the price for this, and I hope and pray I never read or hear about the day that this man is walking freely among us again!!
It also made me think when I heard about this where were the parents that took the kids to the doctor?? I dont know the details about how the doc got the kids away from the parent to have time to do this but I know that when my children were little and went for visits no way did they spend time alone with the doctor without me and I think this should be a wake up call to parents all over the world. There should be no reason that a doctor has to examine your child without you being present...after all its nothing we haven't seen before!
I really look forward to those days when I click on the news and I read about the GOOD people in this world because its really scary knowing we live among monsters like this!


~Tom~ said...

This totally makes me sick. I immediately thought the same thing. Where were the parents? And more so, why did they have to wait until they had 13 hours worth of footage on this bastard? After the first victim I would have had this man behind bars.

Meeko Fabulous said...

Oh that just pisses me the eff off! He should be castrated and get his hands chopped off so he can't do this to anyone ever again!

Homer and Queen said...

This is why I don't watch the news. I have nightmares. And HOW DID they get the kids away from their parents? I don't get it. I afraid I would open up a can on that doc. (Not that I like my kids)

I can't watch Hoarders at night either. It really creeps me out!

Matty said...

This is horrible. My thoughts were exactly the same. How did parents not be present during the visit. Hopefully justice will prevail for him, and those innocent kids will not be scarred for life.

Karen in Texas said...

The good news is still out there Dena. It's just harder to find. Don't give up on it.

Momza said...

That is disturbing.
But more abuse happens to children from familial relationships than any other.
So tragic.

The Pink Birdhouse said...

I am affected by stories like this too, they seem to follow me for days on end. One hears things like this over here too, and it just makes me sick. The first thing I thought too upon reading this, is "where were the parents". I never left my kids alone either, in fact was never asked to. So had I been one of the parents, I would have suspected foul play right away if requested to leave the child alone with the dr., especially a man. One can only wonder! I am glad that they caught him though. "off with THEM"!!, I say.

Dena, I have often thought about you and wondered where you had been or what perhaps had happened. i have missed your comments on my posts. I dropped by once in a while just to see if you were still here! Glad that you are. I am trying to lose some weight too!!

take care, Debby