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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tag your are it!!!

1.What’s your current obsession? Trying to lose weight

2. What’s your weirdest obsession? everything on the walls need to balance out with everything in the room

3. What are you wearing today? flip flips....capri's...t-shirt

4. Why is today special? My boys are alive and healthy

5. What would you like to learn to do? I'd like to learn to be more disciplined when it comes to my working out

6. What’s the last thing you bought? groceries (unless you mean for myself) then it would be some new flip flops old navy was having a sale on them so I got 4 pair in different colors...yay me!!!

7. What are you listening to right now? me typing on the keyboard...other then that silence (which sometimes is a beautiful thing)

8. What’s your favorite weather? sunny days... when its not too hot and its not too cold

9. What’s your most challenging goal right now? Learning that my older boys who are 21 and soon to be 20 are adults now and that I have to let them make their own decisions in life and realize they don't always want moms opinion.

10. What do you think about the person who tagged you? I think Missy is great I enjoy reading her blog every day. She always makes me smile, and sometimes makes me think. She is the kind of person you wish lived next door to you so you could go hang out for the day.

11. What's your favorite guilty pleasure? CHOCOLATE....especially REESE'S!!!!

12. Favorite vacation spot? going to the mountains

13. What would you like to have in your hands right now? The winning powerball numbers!!!!

14. What would you like to get rid of? THE EXTRA WEIGHT IM CARRYING AROUND

15. If you could go anywhere in the world for the next hour, where would you go? Heaven to visit my mom

16. What bad habit do you have that you would like to terminate? my insecurities

17.What super power would you like to possess? oh man just one???? I think it would be fun to be invisible but it would also be interesting to be able to read peoples minds..although sometimes in both cases you may not like what you find out!!!

18.What is the one thing that you have done in your life that you are the most proud of and if you had the chance to do it again you wouldn't change a thing? Having my boys...they are the best things that ever happened to me and I certainly wouldnt change that!!!

19.What’s your favorite piece of clothing in your own closet? all the ones I got too fat for!!!!! (hence why I need to lose the weight!!)

20. What’s your dream job? everyone says Id make an excellent therapist or psychologist ....I kind of like getting into peoples minds and helping them get thru whatever they are going thru.

21. If you had $150 now what would you spend it on? Bills

22. Do you admire anyone’s style? The ones that look so classy and pulled together and are not about being all flashy trying to grab attention by showing too much skin!!

23.Describe your personal style. Im a jeans (or shorts) and a t-shirt or hoodie kind of girl...with flip flops or casual shoes a little bit of jewelry to spice it up and always a little splash of some smelly.

24. Who’s fashion show would you want tickets to? no idea...would just be kind of cool to go to one to see whats its like

25. If you had to slap one person with no repercussions, who would it be and why? ALL THE STUPID PEOPLE..THAT DO THE STUPID THINGS THEY DO THINKING WE ARE STUPID ENOUGH TO BELIEVE THEY ARE INNOCENT....Oh and MY EX!!!!

26. What are you most proud of? MY BOYS!!!!

27. If you could choose one person who has passed to have lunch with who would it be and why? MY MOM...I miss her SOOOOOO much!!!!

Now the rules of this tag:

1. Respond and rework: answer the questions on your blog, replace one question you dislike with a question of your own invention

2. Tag 7 other people you would love to learn more about. Here’s mine:

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Sally's World said...

LOL...the who would you wnat to slap makes me laugh every time i read someones answers....

Mary@Holy Mackerel said...

My daughter is only 14, and already doesn't want my opinion. ANd when she asks for my opinion, she still doesn't want it. I can't win.

Missy said...

Thanks for playing along! I love your answers!

Homer and Queen said...

For lunch? Me, Elvis, and Jerry Garcia! Too funny! Thanks for stopping by!

Sally's World said...

I have something for you, come get it, i think you'll like it lol! xxx

Kathy B! said...

Such great answers. I'm really enjoying this meme :)