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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Random things that irritate me

People who have rules that they don't follow themselves

Those people who just HAVE to pull out in front of you (when nobody's behind you)
. . . . then go really friggin slow

those irritating people who keep inching forward at red lights then don't go when the damned thing turns green!

Networks who won't keep a show in the same time slot for any amount of time then cancel it because it can't find an audience (well duh we can't find it!!)

Instructions on shampoo bottles

DJ's who keep talking when the song is playing

Anybody who drives slower than me

Those damn semi-transparent network logos that take up the bottom 1/4 of the TV screen

Braille instructions at drive up teller machines. If a person is blind, why the hell would they be driving?

The media

People who gossip too much

People who lose 100+ pounds on the subway diet (yeah right)

The Internet ads that make you hit a target to "win".

When you go past the time you want to set the alarm clock to.

People who stop in the middle of the isle....right in front of you

When you forget what you were going to say

People who don't appreciate what you do for them

When someone is about to tell you something then goes "no wait, never mind"

When you bite your tongue

When a chip bag is half filled with air

Reality tv shows

People who sing a song but don't know the words

People who wear sunglasses inside

Those emails that offer ways to get out of debt, or "great offers on mortgages"

When there are no spots in a parking lot

When you are IMing and someone IMs you and you type in that IM instead of the intended one. Even worse if you send the message to the wrong person

Crappy remixes of old songs

When you are in a hurry and you hit every red light, and get behind every slow car.

When people say,"Can I ask you a question?" This is clearly a question, leaving you no options, as they have already asked you a question

Daylight savings


When, at the movies, the butter only goes on the top layer of the popcorn

When you are drinking something, and it "goes down the wrong pipe"

When your favorite pen runs out of ink

Squirrels that just run right onto the road

When you drive by a dead skunk

When you burn your tongue

Richard Simmons

When you wait at the doctors office for an hour, and see the doctor for 5 minutes

When you dial a number, and you get that loud screeching noise

Movies with subtitles

People who don't leave messages.

When a candy bar melts in the wrapper

Illegal immigrants

When something really irritates you and there is not a damn thing you can do to change it!!!!!


Dr Zibbs said...

I'm annoyed by most drivers.

~Tom~ said...

I can totally relate to the majority of that list! lol

RileyScott said...


All the driving ones especially

Sally's World said...

amen dena, especially the driving ones, and the ad ones, and the singing ones, and the candy ones...okay, so all of them then....LOL!

The Pink Birdhouse said...

Oh what a good list and I agree with at least 99% of it!! No matter that I live in germany, people are the same everywhere and they can be totally annoying! Good list, I think I will sit here tonight and think up my own list of annoying things that folks do. Good post, Dena. I have been kept so busy all week, haven't had time to get around to everyone, so getting caught up. Have a good weekend!! Debby

Juls said...

I agree w/ several things on your list...

Especially when people don't appreciate what you do for them.. it's not like I want them to throw a party or anything-- but I just wanna not feel taken advantage of... Just sayin!

Heather said...

Haha... the whole way through this, I found myself saying, "OH MY GOSH... YES. I HATE THAT,TOO!!"
Great list!!

Samsmama said...

I felt my jaw clench at the alarm clock one. That drives me batty.

Laughed too hard when I saw Richard Simmons.

Rachel Sue said...

Oh, I am so with you. Especially burning my tongue. I HATE that!

Lady of Perpetual Chaos said...

Those are all good ones. An I may be guilty of doing some of them...sorry. ;o)