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Monday, June 15, 2009

Its the little things

My oldest son Kody, lives in a town 50 miles from me, hes working full time now that he is on summer break from college so on my birthday (last Wednesday) he wasn't able to come home and see me. So he called yesterday and asked what I was doing and said he was headed home for awhile to spend some time with me. He got here in time for supper (boys always have a way of knowing exactly what time its ready..hehe) we all sat around the table and ate and talked. After dinner he and I went outside and I just listened to him talk. I love those moments, the times he just opens up and starts talking to me about whats been going on in his life...with work, and friends, girls, the crazy things that happen at some of their parties...he and I have a bond that I hope never goes away.I miss him so much at was really hard when my older boys grew up and graduated high school and left for college, its one of those times in life that you are so proud of them for making choices and doing what they want and yet you feel heartbroken in a sense ...have a feeling of they don't need me anymore come over you. As mom I worry that when the day comes he gets serious with a girl that she might not like the closeness that the two of us have. I hope that's not the case because I would miss my son so much if he ever changed the way that he is. Having him just call me up and start talking because hes bored..or he wants to just vent...sometimes because he wants my opinion on things...or even just because he wants to see how things are going here are things I would miss dearly. Raising kids is not always easy... though I've got 2 in college I still have one at home with a few years to go before he graduates (hes only 11) and though there have been those really hard times when you feel like you just want to scream...ok maybe beat them....there comes those times in life when they can do the simplest of things and you just realize that no matter what you wouldn't want it any other way!!! Having him come spend his Sunday with me was awesome...and those are the moments I cherish the most!!!


~Tom~ said...

Yep, these are the moments you get to see just what a wonderful job you have done teaching your children the importance of family. Hugz.....

Alicia @ boylerpf said...

I can tell you that it will never change...the conversations, the quiet, the simple things that make a Mom's heart sing and cry all at the same time. Even with a girl, it won't change. Sounds like your bond is very close...hard to change that.
What a handsome guy, too!