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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Question 4 you...on WHATabout ME WEDNESDAY

Do you ever feel jealous about anything...if so how do you deal with your jealousy?

*I do suffer from that little green doesn't make me do crazy things it usually just gets the best of me and makes me hurt inside...and if I say anything to the one I love about what Im feeling at the moment then it usually ends up hurting him inside....its a horrible thing to go thru and I truly hope one day Im able to put that green monster to rest!!*


Anonymous said...

Oh yes. My sister had her 7 children taken away from her for a while and I had custody of her 3 youngest for 8 months. (plus my 2) I am envious because when her kids were returned to her, my parents bought her a mini van and a house. And payed the mortgage for it for a year. If I ask so much as to borrow $10 I get a lecture on finances. How do I deal with it? I vent anonymously on other peoples blog posts! :)

(Please only post this comment if it shows up "anonymous! Thanks!!:))

~Tom~ said...

No matter how much I try to fight it, it does happen at times. I am not going to get into what it is over in the blog. (I will tell you but, only if you ask me next time we are talking kiddo. You may be interested in hearing what it is over). I deal with it by simply giving it time to pass. It usually does. I will step outside of myself and try to look at it from other points of view.

RileyScott said...

Yeah, it happened today actually. I have Gadget envy. I started staring at the new Iphone 3GS, even though I have a portable video camera, and that's really all the hardware upgrade beside a faster processor. I know I don't "need" the phone, but I sure do want it.