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Friday, June 5, 2009

Favorties 4 Friday

Im so lucky that I have a man that loves to cook!!! Not only that but he LOVES to grill....he has been a grillin fool lately so that is my favorite for friday this week...I mean check these out...ooohhhh man I can't wait for him to get home and fire up that grill!!!!





Are you hungry?? Should I tell him to be expecting guest for dinner???


Heather said...'ve just made me hungry!!

RileyScott said...

You know Dena, Heather and I are trying to lose weight over here...and there you go posting up loads of scrumptious BBQ goodies.


jk, they all look great. Maybe your "Joshy" can show my Father-in-law how to cook a hamburger. I'm dreading the inevitable invite to his house for a BBQ. Let's just say I've used the term "hockey puck" to describe his burgers

~Tom~ said...

I love BBQ or even open fire cooking while camping. There is just something about the outdoors that makes it all taste better.

Keep one thing in mind though, when you lost our bet in 2007, the deal was you would cook me dinner. So when I do finally make it out there, you are going to have to cook at least one night. hehehe

Sally's World said...

yum..i wish dave cooked, in 21 years...three or four times at the most, and the last time i had to step in when he was trying to light the hob with the oven light button for about an hour!

Ashley K. Edwards said...

Wow! We need you guys to come down to Orlando and fix-us-up some food at one of our Loco events.