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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What about me 4 my Wednesday

I'm grouchy..I was putting up a post about not getting any sleep AGAIN...and missing out on "other things with my "joshy" for two nights in a row and to top all that off.... as if that isn't enough to put me in a bad mood the computer screen froze up for like 3 minutes and then closed and I lost everything I had already wrote and the cute little pics i posted with it..and now I'm just that much more GROUCHY and don't feel like going to search for all of the pics all over there instead of getting to see what I was ORIGINALLY posting you get to see this...I'm GROUCHY, GROUCHY GROUCHY...make sure you got the memo!!!


SO said...

I get grouchy when that happens even if I have had enough sleep! Hope the day get's better.

Trojan Gayle said...

I discovered your blog via Sally's world and liked your entry about missing your partner. Its strange how much someones presence can have such an effect on your life.. i guess the say absence makes the heart grow stronger.

Love the one you are with and have a productive day.


The Pink Bird House said...

sorry to hear that you are still having such a sad time of it without your beloved next to you. that would cause even the most happy-go-lucky ones to feel out of sorts. I feel for you. But good that you can blog and get it out of your system. How many times do I feel like "Grumpy" in a week's time, let me count the ways!! :-)

Cozyflier said...

Sorry Dena, several of my favorite sites seem to be having trouble. I don't know if the sites are growning or what. I use 2 different computers, so I really think it is the servers at the sites! Cheer up!

RileyScott said...

sorry your grumpy Dena. You know what I did when this happened to me was make "pillow" person, which was basically just a line of pillows on my wife's side of the bed that I tucked in the covers. Then I tucked myself into the other side so it felt like I was cuddling up to something. If you have a body pillow that works good too.