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Friday, March 13, 2009

Favorites 4 My Friday

Today's theme to post something that is my favorite....well my favorite car since I was a teenager has and will always be the '69 Chevy Camaro SS...OMG...can you same ultimate muscle car?!?!

I remember my Uncle Ray had one of these he had restored when I was younger and I fell in love with it..and ever since then Ive wanted one.....maybe one day!!!


~Tom~ said...

You and I really are on the same page way too many times. As I was driving to work I was trying to decide on a topic. I had no idea we would choose the same one. Of course since I posted mine first, it will appear that you copied me so I win! woohoo! lol

RileyScott said...

Nice car!

Dawn said...

I agree, such an awesome car!!