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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Its a BAD hair day

You ever just have one of those days that no matter what you do you just cant get your hair to cooperate!!! That is the day I'm having!!! I just decided screw it this is as good as its going to get today and let me tell you its NOT GOOD!!!!! I got to the point I almost pulled the hair cutting utensils out and shaved it all off...I know I would of been crying like a big baby 10 minutes later but grrrr its making me NUTS!!! So I just had to get on here and blow some steam and make myself feel now as long as I don't look at myself at all today I will be fine!!!!


RileyScott said...

I had a few of those last week, where I would wake up and the back of my head would just want to be a style all it's own.

That's generally the point where I hack it off and let it grow back in, but this time I.....Oh no wait....I did hack it all off on friday. Um...carry on carry on, nothing to see hear, move along move along.

~Tom~ said...

Geez kid, some of us would love to have a bad hair day. For me a bad hair day is when more of it clogs the drain. lol Hugz