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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

oh look at this picture

Josh just sent me this...even though he's working only maybe 70 miles away from home...he has no snow on the ground and he ran across this pretty little creek (he said the water is crystal clear). Knowing I just love the outdoor pics of things like this he took it with his phone and sent it to me and thanks to all this technology I am now sharing it with all of you!!!!! I cant believe that I have snow on the ground, no sun, and winds blowing 45 mph and he has this!!!!!


~Tom~ said...

Scenes like that are exactly why I love hiking. That is a very serene picture. Awesome job.

So the weather is still not so nice? Guess I shouldn't tell you how it is sunny and about 60 degrees here at the moment? That would be mean of me.

Joanie M said...

Your weather is SO schizophrenic! Just last week you were bragging about 75 degrees and a week before that, it was below zero!

Missy said...

Love this! You can feel the cold!