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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

MY EYES..just for you..and you..and you

Thanks to my bloggin buddy "Just a Chic" I now have people wanting to see my here ya all go....some pics so you can see my EYES!!!!

Isnt Josh lucky he gets to see these babies each and every day...except for today and yesterday because he is out of town for work.....oh man did I tell you how much that sucks!!!!! Oh but he has a really awesome one of me as his wall paper . on his phone so he can see those eyes...hehe Anyway hope you all are happy now eyes just for you...and you...and dont forget about YOU!!!!


~Tom~ said...

Too bad I can not post pics in a comment. I have a few others I could add here. Dang. Now I may just have to start a whole new blog just to further deal with your eyes. Geez. Thank goodness Al Gore invented the internet so all the world can talk about your Angeleyez! Hugz kiddo.

Sally's World said...

you really do have beautiful eyes, but then i just think you're beautiful inside and out...sal x

SO said...

We need to change the words to "She got Dena (whatever your last name is) eyes!"

Great pics.

Cozyflier said...

Dena, you have big beautiful eyes like another friend of mine! What color are they?

~Thought's By Dena~ said...

my eyes are a blue-green they change with the light Im in..sometimes they look more blue and sometimes they look more green

Dorsey said...


I have hazel eyes, so sometimes they're blue, sometimes green, sometimes gray, all depends on what I'm wearing though.