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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

What about me 4 My Wednesday

Well today's theme is to write something about myself....and Im totally having a brain fart because I cant think of anything I want to write about myself....geez how sad is that???????******brain_fart.gif

BRAIN funny is that??

so Ive been thinking and thinking about something I could share with you about ME...why is something like that so easy at times and so frickin difficult the next time??? I mean its something about myself... and who should know ME better then myself..right????

Did you know that there is actually definitions to brain fart? Crazy I know but here it is:

1 )A spontaneous stupid (Stupid the noun, not stupid the adjective) usually accompanied by loss of train of thought and saying something fantastically stupid without releasing it.

2)Adj. Used to describe a temporary loss of short-term memory

3) A gap, interruption, or uncontrolled shift in a chain of thought resulting in a lull, pause, and/or blank stare during oral communication and sometimes involving the loss of short term memory

4) A massive, horrible release of stupid that is often offensive to the senses and may create a social faux pa in some settings. Brainfarts often result in an intense feeling of embarrassment and shame compounded by an inability to explain what the hell just happened.

There you have it your lesson on brain farts....I know how could you have got thru your day with out this??? heheh
So anyway what does this have to do with ME...I have no idea...remember Im the one suffering from this horrible Im going to just go and try to enjoy my day!!!!


~Tom~ said...

Come on now, now that you hit your 40's admit that you are just going senile already. You can do it. It's not like you will remember admitting it tomorrow anyway. LOL

Cheryl said...

I am sooo familiar with brain farts....LOL