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Monday, March 16, 2009

Music 4 My Monday

This one takes me back a few years.....but who didn't go thru a Def Leppard phase???
I still love these guys!!!!


~Tom~ said...

Ooooh what a blast from the past this was. Scary that this is now played on the "Oldies Rock" radio stations!

I have been straining my brain today for what song to add. I will let you know.....actually I think I got it. Check in a little while.

Kathy B! said...

Pour some sugar on me.... I love Def Leppard!! I still have to sing out and bust a move when their songs come on!

SO said...

I did enjoy me some Def Leppard! Thanks for the vid!

RileyScott said...

I did not take part in any such phase, too young, thank god! jk, I have never heard them, and I can't view the video while at work.