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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

100th post!!!

I made it..its my 100th post!!!!! So as I have seen so many others do here are 100 things about ME!!!

1. My middle name is Angela
2.I have 2 sisters and 1 brother (all are younger then me)
3. As a child I walked in my sleep
4.I don't believe in the tags that say "one size fits all"
5.I have 3 boys
6.My kids are my world
7. I had my oldest when I was 19
8. I dont regret starting "momhood" young, I'll be a young granny hehe
9. I collect bears
10. Boyds Bears are my favorite
11. I have a HUGE stuffed bear
12.I only have one grandparent still living
13. Pretty Woman is my favorite movie
14.I can touch my nose with my tongue
15. I feel like a dork when I show someone that
16.My mom died in 1999 she was only 49
17. I miss her soooo much
18. Sometimes I swear I feel her with me
19.Ive heard her talk to me
20. she talks to a good friend of mine so he can tell me things
I apparently am not listening to her at those times
21.Im 5'7"
22. I can't make myself go to a funeral since my mom died
23. some people in my family dont understand that
24.I sing and ditty-bop in the car
25.when I do it I embarrass me kids hehe
26.I always have to have a good smelling candle burning
27. I HATE bad smells
28. I love that Josh loves to cook
29. I love eating what he cooks
30. Sometimes I dont want to worry about my weight
31. I dont like to diet
32.which is why Im a "chunky-monkey"
33.I believe in God and consider myself a spiritual person
34. I won $40 on a scratch off ticket
35. I was so excited
36. We went out to eat with the money
37.I love to win
38. but it makes me sad to see people lose
39.Im a sensitive person
40. sometimes overly sensitive
41.I had 2 c-sections
42. I hate the look of the scar, but love knowing how it got there
43.I suffer from anxiety
44. I HATE that I do
45. Im glad that Josh understand that I have major anxiety
46.I crave chocolate
47. especially Reese's
48. my weight bothers me
49.I love going on roller coasters
50. even though they scare me
51. if Im in an amusement park I have to ride on them
52.I love shopping
53. even is I dont have any money to buy something
54.but its more fun when you do
55.Im going to re-do 4 rooms in my house this spring/summer
56. everyone says I should go into psychology
57. I like trying to understand how the mind works
58. it drives my kids crazy
59. they say that Im right most of the time
60. I already know that I am (smile)
61. everyone turns to me for advise
62. sometimes I think to myself..why are you asking me???
63. Ive been in 2 abusive relationships
64. I think I got it right this time
65. God I hope I did!!
66. sometimes making a relationship work is hard
67. sometimes its easy
68. but its always a work in progress
69.stupid people drive me crazy do stupid drivers!!
71.when you spell out a long word I cant seem to follow it
71. Im not a morning person
72. I have written some poems
73. some were really good
74. I like doing crafts
75. wish I had more time to do them
76.wish my mom was still alive to do them with me like we used to
77.I've had my heart broken
78. I LOVE my kids
79. when I was 15 I was backing out of my dads garage and I ran the front
of the car into the garage..left a big dent in my dads new car
80. Im still not very good at backing up, but I havent hit anything else since then
81. one time the garage door fell onto of my vehicle when I was pulling into the garage
82. NO I didnt hit just fell on me
83. maybe I should stay away from garages
84.I;ve never got a speeding ticket
85. though I usually drive too fast
86. have got a couple warnings
87. watch now Im going to get one.....ugh
88.I tend to repeat myself
89. I tend to repeat myself..hehe
90.I HATE when the alarm goes off
91. I also HATE waking up 10 minutes before the alarm goes off
92. I know that makes no sense
93. sometimes I dont want to be the adult
94.I have a tattoo
95. its on my lower back
96 its a heart with a rose
97. people usually think Im younger then I really am
98. and cant believe a have a son turning 21
99. I grew up on a farm
100. Im now done and wondering oh should I have said this instead of this oh and what about this...but I survived and made it to 100...and guess I'll save the rest for next time!!


Joanie said...

Congrats on 100 posts! My 100 is coming up soon and it's ready to go!

~Tom~ said...

Most of these I already knew. Some I did not. I am trying to figure out #42. And several made me laugh out loud so now my office thinks I am crazy....hush up you.

Congrats on turning 100! lol

Madame Mommy said...


~Tom~ said...

Ok so now that you edited it, #42 makes a lot more sense. What a fun list!

RileyScott said...

Congrats Dena

And Tom, she means the C-Section Scar I believe

Seeker said...

100 posts....somehow that is just a dream...i haven't a clue how many i have done. Congrats for sticking to it. I will

Mary Moore said...

Congrats on reaching 100!! I forgot to do something for my 100th...what else is new.

And I now feel like I've known you forever!

The Pink Bird House said...

I am so glad that I dropped by your blog today, through another blog. What a nice post, and it gives me the idea of doing the 100 things about me for my 100th post, when ever I might reach that number! What a great way to get to know things about a person! Have a good day, Debby

Kathy B! said...

Congrats on your 100th post!

I love these 100 lists you learn so much about the post-er!

Keep on bloggin'!!

Cozyflier said...

Congrats Dena, great post, I love learning about my online freinds!