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Friday, March 13, 2009

Im a 4 birthpath what about you?

In the human species, Reason becomes seeded with
the first breath of life on a specific date. The birthpath,
calculated from the day, month, and year of birth,
reveals the path in life for each person to walk and the
lessons to be learned. The potential indicated
by the birthpath consists of qualities to be developed
through one's thinking and the resultant actions.

To calculate your birthpath, add the month, the day,
and year and reduce the number to a single digit between
one and nine.

December 12, 1975
12 + 12 + 1975 = 1999
1 + 9 + 9 + 9 = 28
2 + 8 = 1 birthpath

A person born December 12, 1975, is a 1 birthpath.
Calculate your own birthpath using the method above.

Whether one's birthpath expresses depends upon the
name given, for the name creates one's personality and
is the compelling force. The birthpath is only a potential
until understood and expressed through mind.

1 birthpath
The 1 represents the quality of an awakening
intellectual power seeking to understand the
fundamental natural laws of life. The 1's are leaders and
explorers and they are naturally inventive along practical
lines. They learn through their own experiences. In work
they must hold positions in which they can give orders
instead of take them, and in which their independence is
not curtailed. They are self-reliant and strong-willed--the
qualities of a leader.

2 birthpath
The 2 is the peace maker and diplomat. Their lesson
is to meet and mix with people, to understand their
hearts and minds, and to help people in the solution of
their problems. As the 2 is naturally impressionable to
environment and association, they must learn to be
individual and not unduly influenced by others. The 2's
are extremely sensitive, understanding, and generous.
Their lesson is to understand the points of view
of others and to create harmony between people
through that understanding.

3 birthpath
Self-statement is the 3's keynote. They excel in
vocal statement, public speaking, art, drama, or as
entertainers, humorists, and sales people. Their
lesson is to use the power of the word to inspire and lift
others to see a happier, objective perspective of life. The
3's are congenial in association and cosmopolitan in nature.
They have a love for all people and desire to help

4 birthpath
The 4 quality symbolizes a power in its technical
and scientific statement; it brings into being a very
systematic, technical, stable, patient, and scientifically
analytical nature. The 4 seeks an understanding of life,
delving into matter and form, searching for the secrets
of nature in materiality. The keynote of the 4 is
practicality; and their duty is to find a basic principle
governing matter and form.

5 birthpath
The 5 quality represents change--a step above the
technical phase. The 5's must seek a definite Spiritual
Principle and apply it; thereby developing the intellect
and seeking new ideas, new meanings, and theories, to
bring improvement to life. The 5's tend to champion the
less fortunate. They are quick thinkers, always searching
for a reason for things. They seek the truth. As they
love change, travel, and new experiences, they should not
be placed in positions requiring detailed routine that is

6 birthpath
The 6 symbolizes maturity and responsibility; it is the
number of the mind and signifies growth to the point
where mind begins to search within for the reason of
being and realizes its responsibility to humankind.
The 6's have the mental quickness and the analytical
ability of the 5, but without the 5's restlessness and
impulsiveness intensity. They desire to assume
responsibilities for others. Their love is more
universal, with an intense desire to serve. They carry
responsibility better than any other quality.

7 birthpath
The 7 is the quality of the philosopher and writer.
Their duty is to tune the mind to harmony and
balance for receiving impressions from within; for this
the mind must be placid and at peace. The 7's
keynote is placidity. The 7's deeply appreciate
the beauties of nature; they delight in mystery and
are naturally drawn to philosophy and the occult.
They should spend time in meditation and
reflection, and write down their thoughts.

8 birthpath
The 8 symbolizes a power that comes to demonstrate
the spiritual law in service to humanity. They are
the born executives and national leaders, and should
occupy positions where they can administer justice
and equality for all and work to create a just and balanced
economic system. The 8's should never be
subservient to others. They seem to understand
people and have the ability to direct others and to hold
positions of great responsibility.

9 birthpath
The 9 includes all the other qualities within itself. They
are born to serve others along the path of wisdom as
spiritual leaders and teachers. They are very sensitive
and inspirational. Their talents are many and varied,
covering the inspirational vocations or in business where
they have the opportunity to be of service to people in
some way--in charitable institutions, hospitals, or in
education or law. The 9's are charming, affectionate, and
respond quickly to kindness. The path of the 9 is the
highest and most inspirational, but it is the most
difficult to live.


Kathy B! said...

This was very interesting! I'm a 2 and I have to say that the description fits me to a "t"

I'm going to have to try it with my kids and DH and see if it's equally as accurate.

~Tom~ said...

I am a 7. So much for always thinking I was a 10...damn.

Cozyflier said...

Very Interesting! I came out a 5 and I think it fits me!

Where are you finding this stuff?

~Thought's By Dena~ said...

I just ran across it and thought it was interesting so had to share it with all of you!!!

Sally's World said...

ooh, loved this, i have an award for you, come and get it off my blogg xxxx

taitle said...

That is scary - I am number 5 and I actually want to study philosophy crazy huh!


RileyScott said...

Um, 1 here.....Something is off with this one Dena, cause that isn't me at all

Cheryl said...

I came up as a 7....not sure if it's totally accurate...I'm about the farthest thing from a philosopher or a writer....heck, I struggle for things to write about on my blog!! LOL