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Thursday, January 22, 2009

what would you do???

My dad just stopped by and had to tell me what just happened. He went into the local Pump& Pantry to get himself a cup of coffee on his way in he seen what he thought was a dollar bill laying on the ground by the door so he stopped and picked it up and shoved it in his pocket. Went in got his coffee talked to the lady behind the counter for a few minutes and then went back out to his car. He reached in his pocket and pulled out again what he thought was a dollar bill and was going to put it in his billfold. Then he noticed it wasn't a dollar bill at all, it was a hundred dollar bill!!! Well then he said he sat there thinking about it and felt he would feel too guilty if he kept it so he went in and handed it to the clerk and said he found it by the door. He said she looked at him like he had just lost his mind. She told him she would put it in the safe and see if anyone came in to see if it was found. Now, Im thinking once my dad left..what would I have done???? I know without a doubt if I had actually seen someone drop it I would of given it back to that person no doubt at all, but if the same thing happened and I was just walking up to a business and I found a hundred dollar bill laying there would I take it in to the store clerk??? hmmmm what about you??? Leave a comment and let me know what you would do!!!!!! many of you think the clerk really put it in the safe and didn't just pocket it herself???


RileyScott said...

I'm with you. If i saw someone drop it sure, I'd give it back. But if I just happen to find it, no way I'd give it to the store clerk. I have a trust issue with people, and I don't think that that bill is in the safe. It's a nice thought on your dad's part, but it's not something I would have done.

Maybe I would have said if someone comes looking for some money i found some outside. here's my info. Dunno, but maybe

RileyScott said...

Thanks for the comment on my Oscar Nominations post. I totally agree with you. There is no basis for "The Dark Knight" not being nominated other then it was a blockbuster, which equals "Minor Leagues" to the academy most times.

~Tom~ said...

I was in a very similar situation several years ago. My son found a baggie with cash floating in the wave pool at a water park. Most likely it floated out of someone's pocket. I actually sat by the pool for over an hour and watched to see if anyone was looking around as if they lost something. One gentleman did look rather frantic so I approached and asked if he lost something. He was rather nasty in his "NO!" but I went on to explain that we had found something and perhaps he was looking for it. He insisted he had lost nothing.

I never did find the rightful owner but, I felt that I had made a serious effort. In the end we kept the money and had a rather nice time with it. It turned out to be $232.00 in that baggie.

Side note: My son to this day watches for things floating in the pool!

Cheryl said...

I agree with you...I seriously doubt that the store clerk put it in the safe...I'll bet she pocketed it. If I had found it in the same circumstances as he did, I most likely would've kept it...but like RileyScott said, if I had actually seen the person drop it and I picked it up, I would've given it back to them. We were at Mall of America a few years ago and Kylee noticed a bill laying on the floor and picked it turned out to be a $20 bill...we of course kept it because to find the rightful owner of a $20 bill would be next to impossible at Mall of America!! LOL I let her spend it on whatever she wanted since she was the one that saw it first. :o)