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Friday, January 30, 2009


Its Friday and it got me to thinking about being a teenager , fridays were so exciting I mean we waited the whole long week for friday to get here so we could start our awesome fun filled week-end!!!! So now that we are adults do you feel like you still get just as excited over it being friday??? Or is it just another day for you????? Leave a comment and share if fridays are still as exciting for you as they were when you was a teenager, or if they are just a nice break to the work week ,or just basically another day of the week!


~Tom~ said...

Even though come Friday I am a zombie and even though I work on Saturday nights, I still look forward to Friday. I am sure it is simply a mental perception that is brought about by the whole T.G.I.F frenzy that is hyped on the radio, but either way I do look forward to quitting time on Friday afternoon. Probably even more than I enjoy Sundays. Sunday is my only day off, but in the back of my mind Monday morning looms....

RileyScott said...

Funny enough, Fridays are more exciting to me now then when I was younger. Of course I'm not talking about school years, but more college and directly after college.

You see, I worked every single weekend for 8 years. As every job I had, Movie theater, Video Store, and Rental car agency all had weekend hours. Days off were a day here and there, but rarely two together. These days I work as a Software Engineer, and now do the 9-6 M-F schedule. Oh sure, occasionally I have to work a Saturday towards the end of the quarter, but on the whole, the weekends are now mine. It was an odd sensation the first weekend I had off with nothing planned in almost a decade. It took me a few months to actually get use to the concept and realizing that I had all of this time coming to me at the end of the week.

Any other day I drive home, and I'm fighting back weariness, and just trying to drag myself home. Not on Fridays. On Friday evening, I hop in my car, blast the tunes, generally some "freeing" song like "Who says you can't go home" by Bon Jovi or the Superman theme song, and I CAN'T wait to pull up to my house. It's MY TIME now. No having to get up the next day, no having to go to bed at a decent time. No alarm clocks, no 45 minute long commute, no bosses unreasonable requests, no trying to pretend to be interested in something I'm not.

So in conclusion, fridays still rock, now more then ever, and one can see why I sometimes get cranky when I'm forced to have a "family" weekend, and therefore ruin the whole spirit of the weekend.

Cheryl said...

I don't look forward to's just another day cuz I have to work on Saturday....and have for 17 years! I look forward to Tuesdays....that's my Friday...cuz I have Wednesday's off...LOL