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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

This makes me SO UPSET

This post might make some upset and if it does Im sorry this is just my personal feelings about a subject that has become so public. I don’t know how many of you have been following the Caylee Marie Anthony case but we watch Nancy Grace at night and she always has the latest updates on what’s going on with it. This is the case of the 2 yr old Florida girl that was missing for a month before her mother said anything to anyone about it. And then 6 months later her remains were found near the neighborhood where the grandparents live. This has been something that from the get go tore my heart apart and now as the investigation into all of this is going on I find myself feeling all kinds of emotions. The mom of this precious 2 year old is sitting in jail as the suspect of killing her own daughter and though you are innocent until proven guilty. The way things are stacking up against her it most definitely isn’t looking good for her. Last night on the Nancy Grace show there was a guy that actually made a Caylee doll and is trying to sell it for $29.99!!!! Can you even believe this!?!?! Of course if you have ever watched Nancy Grace you know that she ripped into this guy....I loved that part!!!! But it left me just sitting there the rest of the night thinking what is wrong with some people that they have nothing better to do then to try to make money off of other peoples misery. I mean this is a poor innocent 2 year old girl that has been killed and possibly by her own mother and this scumbag wants to cash in on that by making a Caylee doll??? AND who on earth would want to buy it and be a part of that??? This man was trying to say that a small portion would go to a charity but of course he had no idea which one or even how much would be donated. I mean honestly I will send the money directly to the charity before Im going to purchase a doll . Its so upsetting to me to know that we live in a world where there are people like this!!!! Sure times are rough and everyone is looking for a way to make some money but let’s be serious!!!! FIND A WAY TO DO IT THAT IS BENEFICIAL TO PEOPLE NOT MORE HURTFUL AND JUST PLAIN DISGUSTING!!!!

My thoughts and prayers are with this little girls grandparents, and uncle and hope that they soon can find some sort of peace in their lives. *HUGZ*

Caylee Marie Anthony
~may you rest in peace little angel~


RileyScott said...


i have not heard of this case, but it's a good example of why i stopped watching evening news. it's just depressing. i know evil exists in the world, I experienced it at a young age. I do not need daily reminders of how scary and dangerous the world is. If a news story is really that important it will turn up on the web, where i can choose whether or not to read said story.

Sorry, I know it's not on topic, but i find that society in general is not working for the greater good, and is based mainly on profit. Which makes these times even more dangerous, because people start going to desperate places. This little girl shouldn't be dead, but that guy certainly shouldn't be selling dolls.

Cheryl said...

I so totally agree with you on this...I saw the doll that was suppose to look like her and I didn't think it even looked like's so sad that she's gone....I hope they find justice for her.