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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

cool story about MY soldier

My oldest son joined the National Guard this last year and even though I wasn't very excited about it. I have stood by his side, and I couldn't be more proud of him and the man he has become. He had guard duty this past week-end and during that time they have to remain in uniform where ever they go. He said he and a buddy was at the gas station and was picking up something to drink and a couple was in there and insisted on paying for their drinks. My son said he couldn't understand why , the man of the couple said we just want a way to show you we appreciate what you do for us. My son told him we are just in the National Guard and this man replied saying its not JUST the National Guard its a commitment that you made to help us as a country and for that we are very thankful. While my son was telling me this it brought tears to my eyes. He may just be National Guard and maybe he will never get called over to fight in a war but he is a part of standing up for our nation, and that couple was right we should find ways no matter how small they might be to let each and every soldier that crosses our path know that we are thankful for the commitment they have made for us as a nation.


Cheryl said...

He's so handsome! That is so awesome that those people said/did that. You should be very proud! God Bless our soldiers!

~Tom~ said...

That couple is right and Kody should never look at is "just the National Guard" Look at the name of it...just what is it he thinks he is guarding? He is guarding a nation. OUR nation! He should never feel that it is a meaningless job. I respect your son and I respect you just as much for raising him to be the man that he is. You have done an amazing thing Dena. Hugz