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Monday, February 2, 2009


Do you dread Mondays like I do??? I dont know why but it just doesn't matter if I had a good week-end, if I got alot accomplished over the week-end or even if I just had a lazy week-end which I love so much!!!! Whatever the case is I tend to always have Monday morning blahs!!! I think its because the week days always feel like they drag on forever and the week-ends go by super fast. I like the week-ends no alarm clock going off (and even if it does its usually because there is something fun planned for the day and need to get started early),but you can do what you want, when you want, how you want, can stay in jammies until noon if you want, dont have to do hair or make-up if you don't want to, can just pull it back and go all natural!!!! I love the days when its nice weather can read the paper out on the deck and just listen to the birdies sing, and just soak up the morning sunlight, awesome way to start the day. I also love the week-ends when you can just stay up late and watch a movie, or again when its nice weather sit out on the deck and listen to music, or just talk to your honey, not have to worry about the morning coming too early. BUT its Monday and that means five days of listening to the alarm going off at 6 am, getting showered, getting my son up,getting my honey on his way, making breakfast, getting ready , taking son to school, start my work day(babysitting), go pick my son up, if we have sports practice run him to those, make dinner(although sometimes my honey makes it ..I love those nights!!!), do homework if we have any, clean up after the long day, and if Im lucky plop on the couch for a couple hours then go to bed and start it all over again at 6 am!!!!! Well I guess when monday is over means I only have 4 more days to get thru!!! *SMILE*


RileyScott said...

Reporting with a severe case of the Mondays, I feel you sister

Cheryl said...

Anymore, one day is no better or worse than another....doesn't matter if it's Monday or Saturday...I have to get up early every day for something...weekdays I have to take Kylee to school, Saturdays it's to get ready to go to work and Sunday it's to get ready to go to's always something....I need a vacation!! LOL