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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thoughts 4 My Thursday

My thought for today is about a fast food place we all have visited at some point in our life...BURGER KING.....omg why is it that every single time we have ever gone to it they get something on our order wrong. This is so aggravating!!! I live in a town of only 4000 we have Burger King, Dairy Queen, pizza hut, runza, and subway to choose from. And having a 10 year old at home he likes to hit burger king so when we do our eat out night that one gets picked every so often and Im not kidding every time they get our order wrong. Its usually my order they get wrong so maybe they just have it out for me!!! I dont know but their motto is have it your way but yet when I order it MY way it comes to me THEIR way!!!!! If we are going thru the drive-thru I already know that before I pull away from the window make sure to check everything especially MY food because something is going to be wrong and they never let me down each and every time something needs to be returned. Then I worry what if the person having to make it over is in a bad mood and does something to my my sweetie will walk inside and tell them its wrong and actually watch them make a new one just so I know they didnt do anything yucky to it..heheh I know Im weird like that...but hey you never know!!! One time when we ordered they gave us pies instead of fries, I thought ok they sound the same but we had actually order value meals so how on earth would there be a confusion, I have no idea but there was!! So anyway Im thinking they should do away with their "Have it your way " motto since it seems to be way to much work to actually get it done your way!!!


RileyScott said...

This reminds me of a moment in my first job, Mcdonalds.

A guy ordered a single cheeseburger in the drive-thru with extra ketchup and onions. So I squirt an extra squirt of ketchup on his burger and give him 2 little spoonfuls of onions as per Mcdonald's policy. When given his sandwich, the man complained that the "extra" we'd given him had not been enough. Apparently, he complained rather rudely, and the manager on duty took the bun away from me, and said "I got this one".

He then proceeded to carve out the entire bun with his fingers and fill it with ketchup. Then he topped his bread bowl of ketchup with not one but two HANDFULS of onions, re-assembled the burger, and gave it back to the man. Funny enough he didn't come back, but I know that thing must have Exploded on him the moment he took a bite.

Cheryl said...

You need to go to Dairy Queen more often...."We Treat You Right" :o)

~Tom~ said...

Glad to see it is not only the Burger King in New York that does that. Must be a national policy they have.

Cozyflier said...

Dena, Yea!!! I so agree with you, only in Lubbock it is Arby's that NEVER gets your order correct. We have 6 people in our family and I can gurantee you 2 orders will be screwed up and or food missing! I just thought it was because we live in a college town and they hire cheap young help! Maybe it is a reflection on societies work etheics! Good luck.

The Pink Bird House said...

Wow, how true is this post, no matter where you live. I am in Germany and we have Burger King, McDonald's and Subway over here. It never fails that when we go to the burger places they get our order wrong, something is either missing, or we get the wrong item. We most times go as a family of 7, so you can imagine the amounts of food being order (I never fail to stand at the order counter with my list in hand). Well I always thought it was because we were ordering TOO much food for either the person or the machine to handle. But now I see that it is just happening every where, no matter how big or small the order is. I must admit, I am rather relieved to hear it!! :-) Great idea for a post, by the way!!