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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Thought 4 My Thursday

There is an Indian belief that everyone
is a house of four rooms: a physical,
a mental, an emotional and a spiritual room.
Most of us tend to live in one room most
of the time, but unless we go into every
room every day, even if only to keep it
aired, we are not complete.


Coachdad said...

Interesting... I guess I need to venture into the other parts of the house.

~Tom~ said...

Very true and I tend to spend a lot of time in the mental room. The nurses are pretty, the drugs are awesome, the padded walls are comfy, and they give me this awesome jacket to keep me warm. The jacket is hard to zip up myself so the big men with warm hands come and tie it off in the back for me.

hehe haha hoho They're coming to take me away oh boy, they're coming to take me away....lalala

Anonymous said...

you know Toms a nut butt i like him
your DAD

~Tom~ said...

lol, well now I see why you call me a nut all the time kid. It is a phrase that you inherited from your dad!