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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Thats some purse!!!

I noticed that the trend for purses at least where Im from seems to be the bigger the better. So I decided to try to stay hip as my kids would call it and invest in a BIG purse myself.....I went online and searched and searched and I found one that I thought hmmm its different then everyone elses I want it.....well what to my wondering eyes would appear???

The BIGGEST purse I have ever laid eyes on..I could seriously fit a baby in my purse!!!! I mean look at this pic I have it hanging off of the kitchen chair and it almost covers the whole thats some purse..wouldn't you agree??? I told Josh that I will probably get stopped when we are out shopping so they can search my bag!!! Of course now Josh isnt about to hold my bag for me because now its obvious everyone would notice that one!!!hehe oh well I'm going to go along feeling all "hip" with my HUGE bag while I wait for the next trend to pop up!


~Tom~ said...

That purse is very.....hmmm....PINK!

Cheryl said...

I have a huge purse too!! LOL Mine's black though...I really didn't want something as big as what I got, but I HAD to get something old one was falling apart and the one I have now was the only thing I could find at the's kinda "growing" on me (no pun intended..LOL)'s nice to have the extra room when I have to stuff something in it for the kids or throw my gloves and earmuffs in...things like that :o)