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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The attack of the airwick visiting my oldest son the other day I noticed this awesome smell in his house I asked him about it and he showed me this cool little gadget called the Air Wick Fresh Matic Ultra.

The Fresh Matic dispenser is approximately a foot tall and is encased in white plastic. There are three settings that will automatically shoot out a sufficient spray of air freshener at your choice of nine, eighteen, or thirty-six minutes. There is also an off setting if for some reason you care to stop the dispenser from spraying. The Ultra runs on batteries which are supplied by the manufacturer. There is an electric timer eye which lets you know that the dispenser is still doing it's job to make your home fresh and sweet smelling. The Fresh Matic starter kit comes complete with one dispenser, a can of deodorizer and two batteries.

Well Im one of those people that just can't stand stinky smells in my house not that Im saying my house stinks (it doesnt) But with a dog, and kids running in and out all the time, and the dirty diapers I have to change with the kids I babysit, I just worry about smells. So I had to get this. I put one in the upstairs bathroom, cuz bathrooms do tend to get stinky and its the one that gets used the most. Oh I love the fresh scent I smell every time I walk into or even by the bathroom. But OMG this thing scares the b-jesus out of me when it sprays. Now when Im not in the room of course I dont hear it and so Im not scared by it but I think it waits for me to walk into the bathroom and then go off !!! And even though I know its there, I still jump each time I hear it spray its wonderful scent in the room. After wards I think to myself what the hell do you keep jumping for Dena?? I have no idea why it scares me it happens so quickly that my mind doesnt even process anything as to what I might think it is that is attacking me with its spray!! But I do have to say that once I get used to the spray attacks this was a very good thing to invest in to put my mind at ease with any smells that could be lurking!!


Missy said...

I want two of these in every room! All of the males in my house stink and produce stinky messes! LOl

~Tom~ said...

OMG I am laughing my butt off at the visual you just painted in my head of you jumping when it sprays. Thanks kiddo. I needed a good chuckle.