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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What about me 4 My Wednesday

I suffer from Claustrophobia I will freak out if I get shut into small when my nephew wanted me to get into his favorite hiding place to play cars with him...well this was as far as I was going!!!!! But he didnt seem to mind!!!

Aunt Dena was even there to kiss him when he slammed his fingers in the cupboard door....OUCH!!!


vgsmom said...

The things we will do for the love of a child!

RileyScott said...

Sorry you suffer from such a fear. I'm lucky in that most of my fears are Nature related, and I try and stay out of nature as much as possible.

Lana said...

I'm not claustrophobic and I wouldn't even go into a cupboard! (Only because I would get STUCK...but that's between you and me...)

Poor little guy. It hurts!! My daughter slammed a cupboard door on my finger this morning! And no one kissed it better. :(

~Tom~ said...

Was it really that he hurt his fingers? Or did he just have enough of "kissy Aunt Dena?"