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Tuesday, April 28, 2009


So about 9 last night Josh and I are all snuggled on the couch watching some tv.....Devin comes walking in the door after a long night of playing with the neighborhood kids..and then it happened. All at once every light..every tv...every frig,video game, radio, microwave, clock, every single electrical anything went out in our whole town!!!! Our cell phones wouldn't even work!!!! Josh being the curious man he is said lets get in the explorer and go see whats going on, luckily it was parked outside because we couldn't get to the car as it was in the garage and well t the garage door wouldn't open. So there we were along with everyone else driving around to see was it just happening on our side of town, but nope it was every where. That is such an eery feeling having your whole town street lights, no store lights, just other peoples headlights in a town full of darkness. Its always crazy how when things like this happen you can never find your flashlights...we had one that could be found so I used it to hunt down some candles and give us some sort of light. I searched for a small battery powered radio and we listened to the one and only channel that I could pick up on that thing to see if they could give us any clue as to what was going on. Still dont know what happened., but did hear the electricity kick on about 11:30 and then go back off 2 minutes later. Then about 4:30 this morning it was back on again and so far its stayed on. What was weird was to sit and think about how much we depend on electricity in our life. How we feel lost if we cant turn on the tv, or warm something in the microwave. How strange it is to try to go to the bathroom and get ready for bed with only candle light. And yet our ancestors did it that way every day and night. It was strange how suddenly being in the dark made you feel a little scared, because you didnt know what was happening because in this day and age you cant help but to ask yourself..are we being invaded???? Has someone come and taken all our power away??? Is some one going to come jumping out of the dark???? But Im glad to say we made it thru....and today is just another day...I was able to turn on the tv this morning, pull my car out of the garage and get Devin to school, make some toast, and start some laundry. No one was attacking us, and no one came and took all our electricity away. It was just one of those crazy things that happened and thru it all you couldnt help but to think back to how life use to be and also have those little thoughts run thru your head asking yourself....WHAT IF?????


vgsmom said...

My husband cannot function when the electricity goes out. It totally freaks him out. Me...I figure "this too shall pass." But I do know where the flashlights and candles are now just to keep the chaos to a minimum.

RileyScott said...

Wow Dena, Sorry you felt that way, it must have been really scary.

I don't know, I generally don't jump to invasion when the lights go out. I usually get very upset because it's usually either right as the most exciting part of the movie takes place or that I was in the middle of a good video game match. Course during those times, my wife does have a way of cheering me up when we're all alone in the dark.

Cheryl said...

Kids especially have a hard time with this...I know my Josh does anyway! He sleeps with a light on and totally freaks out if it goes out in the middle of the night....he doesn't understand why the light won't come back on. It is amazing how much we depend on certain things and how much things have changed over the thing that comes to mind...we had an old rotary dial phone at work for customers to use...a kid needed to use the phone one day to call his parent...when I put the phone on the counter, he looked at it and asked how he was suppose to dial it!!! He had no idea how to use these days have never lived without touch tone phones, microwave ovens, etc.

Cozyflier said...

Dena, I take it that there was no storm? How strange. You'll have to update when you find out who cut what, or dug up what that happened.

I remember about 11 years ago I worked at the mall and somehow a grid went out in NM that affected 4 states! ALL of Lubbock was without power for over 6 hours!

I understand how scared you were!

Glad things are back to normal.

~Thought's By Dena~ said...

Carrie, nope there was no wise everything was just fine...just all at once everything was dark. Lasted for 7 1/2 hours....and I still haven't heard what happened only that two other towns were without power too!!

~Tom~ said...

Oh so you and Josh are THAT kind of people? Whenever we have any type of situation here, be it hurricane, blackout, whatever, all the curious people come out and clog up the streets. That would be fine if it didn't mean that you hinder those of us that have to go out to make sure people are safe. All the extra cars out on the road make it difficult for us to get through in a timely fashion. Now I know next time we have a crisis here I am probably going to be fighting my way around people and yet looking to see if any of them are you and Josh! LOL

Oh and PS- Now that the lights are on, go out to the garage. Look up at the door closer. There should be a short rope hanging from it. Pull that and it releases the garage door from the opener so you can open it manually.

What would you do without me? Hehe Just picking on ya as I always do. Hugz kiddo

~Thought's By Dena~ said...

Tom...ok first of all I do know that you can pull the release rope and get the door open but man mine is a HUGE pain in the butt to get it up and down once you do that...actually I cant even do it by myself....but it just made more sense to take the vehicle sitting outside...and as for being ONE of those people....well honestly it was one of those things we wanted to see it was just here or every where because we are clear over on the west side of town so you cant actually see the rest of the town...AND we couldnt get ahold of either of our parents so we went to check and see if they were ok...but all in all yes I guess we are those kind of people...well Josh is I just didnt want to sit here in the dark all alone!!!!