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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Random pictures from our trip to Texas

I dont know how it is for you but when I get with my brother and sister we have a great time...we unwind and laugh alot....act like we dont have a care in the world...I love spending time with are some pictures of all of us just getting together being goofy for the camera..and no we arent drunk...its late...we are tired and just couldnt call it a night!!!

I love how Val is pushing Jacobs head into the shot and the look on his face is priceless!!!

Dev and I have sunburnt faces as we had just spent the whole day at the race!!!!

Mom and Devin showing off our burnt faces but SOMEONE hogged the whole shot!!!

Jacob being silly like the rest of us!!!

Devin and Jacob

Yes Josh was with us...he just hides and lets us all be crazy!!!

Im a Cowboys fan so I had to go check out their new stadium...GO COWBOYS!!!

Thought this was awesome we seen a field full of the power windmills and then seen this spot where the old fashion windmill was in the same field so had to get a picture of it!!!


Kathy B! said...

OMG look at all those adorable pictures. It looks as though you had a WONDERFUL time. Welcome back!!

The Pink Bird House said...

I was over here smiling while looking at all the cute family photos, cuz it sure did seem like everyone was having a great time joking around in front of the camera. I love "photo shoots" like those!! I am laughing so hard behind the camera that I can hardly stand still long enough to get a clear shot. I just thought I would drop by, Dena, I have been off blogger for a few days and have been missing every one. I need to get a post up, seeem to have hit a dry spell right now. But I will be back again soon. Take care, Debby

~Tom~ said...

Awww poor Jacob. Getting his head all squished just so you could have a picture! In the next picture why is Val licking Devin's shoulder? Hmmmm weird. The pic of Devin and Jacob is priceless. I am looking at the power windmills in total shock! (The pun just sorta happened on that one). They have been looking to build those about 2 miles off the coast out in the ocean here. I never realized just how big they are until I see it next to the other windmill! Thanks for sharing these pics!

Sally's World said...

these pics are great, i love getting togather with family and friends and just being silly, we should all do it more looks like a great place too!