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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

some things to ponder...

Why does everyone including his little sister call Charlie Brown by both his first and last name?

If Wile E. Coyote could afford to buy all the stuff from ACME why didn't he just buy a meal?
Why would the Flintstones be celebrating Christmas if the time they were living in was BC?
FlintstonesChristmas2.jpg image by LisaFlintstone

In the Itchy and Scratchy cartoon on the Simpsons why doesn't Scratchy ever scratch Itchy?

Why is it that whenever Scooby and Shaggie come out of the back of the mystery van they are always hungry?

If Smurfette is the only girl smurf and they are all supposed to be family, where did all those baby smurfs come from?

If Marge's hair is blue and Homer's is brown, how come their children (Bart, Lisa, and Maggie) all have blonde hair?

How can a Transformer be a 'robot in disguise' if people usually see them running around in robot form?
Has anybody else out there noticed that SpongeBob SquarePants actually has rectangular pants?

Why do Didi & Stu Pickles never put shoes on little Tommy? And for them to be babies, why do they leave them unattended so much?

If Winnie the Pooh was civilized enough to keep his honey in jars, why did he eat it off his hands? Surely he had spoons? Didn't he?
dreaming_of_hunny_pooh.jpg image by sarahpitre
Just a little something for us to ponder.........yes I had too much time on my hands!!!!!


RileyScott said...

1) because of all the charlie brown's in the world, he's the charlie browniest

2)Easily explained...Acme has a buy now, pay later policy, like a furniture store. Restaurants, you need cash up front. Being a coyote, he has no credit score to ruin, so basically he identity steals someone's credit card number, and never intends to pay for any of that stuff. See, he's more evil then you know.

3)Riiiight, cause christ is the center focus for all our christmas traditions. besides...there a "modern stone-aged family", and most modern families celebrate Christmas or some holiday round that time of year. i always viewed the flintstones as a "what if the bronze age never came" kind of thing.

4)Actually Scratchy has tried to scratch itchy many times, he just sucks at it.

5) reason...*puff puff*

6)You thought the above was bad, here's major geekitude. Smurfette had the babies, cause she isn't related to any of the smurfs. She's an artificially created smurfette that was made by Gargamel to infiltrate the smurf village.

7)Ok...seriously, with how many things that Homer lucks out on and gets away, along with the drastic amount of radiation he's been exposed to, I think blond haired children aren't that far of a stretch.

8)Because when they are "transformed" you don't know they are robots and are effectively diguised

9)The boy can't add correctly, and you're questioning his geometry skills....please

10)First off, they leave them with Grandpa, not alone. Grandpa just falls asleep. The parents never really catch him, and therefore are really free from blame.

11)Um...if you take a close look at pooh bear...he lacks thumbs, and therefore can't use silverware. I suppose rabbit or owl could spoon feed him, but they are not likely to do that.

Kathy B! said...

These are some very good questions! I think you should focus your efforts on world peace... at the rate your going you'll have it squared away in a week :)

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

You know that Charlie Brown one is something interesting. I always call him Charlie Brown too. huh.
I love those movies :)

Seeker said...

i love RileyScott's answers....peg them all i would say...

and you definitely have too much time on your hands and too many things in your brain

what else can i say...keep thinking

Missy said...

WOw! These are impossible questions! How did you come up with such great questions! I did always think that Smurfette was a wh*re! LOL

Dawn said...

Riley's comments were hilarious!! Perfect!

Loved this!

Joanie M said...

Great questions and I agree that Riley Scott nailed every one of tose answers!

Sally's World said...

RileyScott says it all lol.... please tell me thats not true about teh smurfs....please!roadrunner is my all time favourite...i always knew he was evil...lolol!!!

Lucy said...

Such deep thinking, my head hurts!