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Monday, April 20, 2009

Music 4 My Monday

I love this song...its one of those very "mushy" love songs....and after Josh and I got to spend our week-end alone together....well I was in the mood for a "mushy" love song..Im a very big romantic.....and songs like this really touch me..As you know from older post Josh and I have gone thru many ups in downs in our own lives with ex's and finally when we both had gotten to a point we were just done with the whole "love" thing...we were brought together..and though it hasn't always been easy....2 and half years later its been worth it all..anyway enjoy the song


RileyScott said...

you know, I probably know the song, but i can't see the video at work, let me know the title

RileyScott said...

Ok, thanks for letting me know. I have heard the song before, those it's not one of my favs.

I've always preferred ballads over R&B for love songs...then again, I'm not into R&B that much, *shrugs*