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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wacky Invention that makes sense

I can not stand it when I'm at the grocery store, gas station, the mall, restaurant where ever I may be and there has to be someone on their phone having a conversation loud enough that we all can hear it....Ive heard people fighting, being flirty, coming up with party plans, hashing over the plans for dinner.....yelling at their name it Ive heard it. I think this is the perfect idea for those people who find it necessary to talk so loud that we all become a part of their conversation...I mean honestly people I have enough drama in my life I don't need yours too!!!!


~Tom~ said...

Uhg! I sooo know what you mean. I know several people that for whatever reason, insist on almost yelling into a cell phone. You would almost swear they were using 2 soup cans a piece of string!

The thing that makes me nuts is when you are talking to someone and when the cell phone rings, they just have to answer it right there. Whatever happened to voice mail? And can you tell me why my time standing there waiting for you to hang up is worthless? GRRRRR!

Now that you got me all worked up I am gonna call you at lunch time and talk loudly into the phone...while in McDonald's.....and maybe tell you about all my grossest stories! lol

Jeve (aka John and Steve) said...

I love that idea! I had an experience in a public bathroom whilst someone was have a business call while on the toilet. Is nothing sacred any more?

BTW- THANK YOU for your comment on my recent post! That was HILARIOUS! I had to laugh. Probably the best comment anyone did on my blog.

Alicia @ boylerpf said...

I can honestly say, the invention couldn't be used on me! I don't have a cell phone, have no intention fo getting one & thankfully don't talk at decibels that kill other people with my conversation!

Kathy B! said...

I love this!! I think a patent might in your future... problem is the people who need them are clearly too oblivious to realize it in the first place, so you'd have to hand them out for free. Which might cut into the profit margins a bit.

Rachel said...

I am so with you.

Momza said...

I grew up in a time when listening to someone else's conversations was considered "eavesdropping" and, we have no choice and it still feels awkward not to mention annoying when folks are talking on their cellphones in lines at Subway or the grocery store--holding every one else up!
I like your idea!
And thank you also for the kind comments you always leave on my makes my day!

Izzy said...

Love it!!!