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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My boys.....

Today is the first day of school..and my baby is in the 5th grade!!! I keep asking myself how did this happen??? Time is just flying by way too fast...I mean honestly this is the last year of elementary...and since I already have two kids in college I know all too well that once they hit Jr high the time REALLY flies I hope the next 9 months go really slow!!!!! (look at his cheesy grin..he was talking at the same time I snapped the pic...isn't that how it always goes)

Last night Kody came home after work and had Josh's BBQ ribs with us....its one of Kodys favorites. It will be the last time I see him before he leaves Saturday to go to of course I had to take some pics..took them with my phone and they didn't come out the best

Kody showin some brotherly love to Devin
(sorry its so dark)

We look dorky as hell but thats ok....we are dorky..hehe

Im so proud of him and the choices hes made with his life...but it certainly doesn't make knowing hes going to be so far away for the next 3 1/2 weeks any easier on me

And since Im doing a post about my sons I certainly can not leave out my Dakota....the other day when we went to see him over where he is going to college at...he decided it would be funny to show me just how "red-neck" he can be and this is what I got to see

I would like it to be known my son does not go around dressed this way...they had a "red neck" party the night before and he wanted me to see how he went...frikkin hilarious I must as for the beard thats all his...I keep calling him my caveman..hehe I have not figured out why such a good lookin guy wants to have that animal on his face...Im hoping its some weird phase hes going thru and it passes soon!!!!

Yep thats my boys...they keep me on my toes and sometimes make
me wanna be incognito!!hehe

But I love them with all my heart and I wouldn't change a thing about any of them....ok other then Id really love to get that thing off of Dakotas face!!! hehe


Jeve (aka John and Steve) said...

Sweet post! You've done well young Dena!

~Tom~ said...

Hey no fair! I was gonna post that picture of you on my blog to pay you back!

As for the pics of Dakota, you didn't tell me it was a costume when you sent me those pics this morning. I was sitting here thinking the boy had lost it. Can you imagine the types of girls he would be bringing home dressed like that? hehe

Thanks for sharing the pics though. I always love seeing you and your gang.

~Tom~ said...

Ok so after I posted that last comment, the comment from Jeve shows up. "...young Dena?" Oh boy you have him snowed good. hehe

Love ya kiddo.

Alicia @ boylerpf said...

You gotta know from one of my posts that I don't mind the beard on Dakota! And Redneck? Naw... All great kids..they grow up too darn fast while as Moms, we stay the same! You look loverly, my dear, and I'm not snowed either!!

RileyScott said...

As always beautiful boys dena.

But what's with mom's and facial hair. I've had my goatee for years, and my mom still says it's just a phase.

~Thought's By Dena~ said...

Trust me guys I dont mind facial hair....I actually kind like it...but not when you are looking like you have an animal attached to your face!!!! I dont care if Dakota wants some hair on his face.....just not so he looks like a caveman...but boys(men) will be boys(men)!!!!

Devin said...

hey i think i saw that cowboy or the [redneck cowboy] on a wanted picture he looked a lot like the bearded bandit hehe