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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Our store

I want to tell all of you about our online store...we were doing the online auction thing for awhile but got tired of all the fees associated with it. So we decided a few months back to just open up our own online store away from the auction sites and see how we would do. It actually has been doing pretty good, its been slow but we have made sales and hope that things pick up as it gets closer to Christmas time. Anyway I decided to let it out to all of you about our store. Please bookmark us because we add items every week,we actually just had some more products become available to us so we will be adding those in the next few days, we also offer different promotions to keep you wanting to come back to shop with us over and over again!!


Missy said...

Going there now!

RileyScott said...

I hope it's successful Dena, I'll check it out when i get home.

A good way to get people to buy more stuff is to have accounts for everyone, and give them increasing % discounts the more they spend.

Momza said...

Wow...there's lotsa goodies at your store! I'll be back for sure!

Alicia @ boylerpf said...

That is totally awesome! I had no idea you did this...we just have to let that secret out of the bag...I'm sending this on to several people. Way to go!