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Friday, January 15, 2010


Just wanna say THANK GOD ITS FRIDAY!!!! There just seems to be some weeks that it feels like Friday is never going to get here and for me it was one of those kind of weeks....though its only 12:30 in the afternoon where I live I am honestly thinking about how glad I am that Friday is FINALLY here!!!
Our only plans that we have for the week-end is going to see Avatar with Devin, has anyone else seen it, if so what did you think??? We have heard it is really good so we decided we best check it out and see what our opinion is, because honestly our opinion counts so very much!!! hehe

So what about you have any week-end plans??????

TGIF.jpg TGIF image by Pball_photo


Aunt of 14 said...

You have to let me know how the movie was! :)

Rebecca said...

Love the graphic, it's so true :)!

Scot said...

Haven't seen it but have heard good things about it. That being said, have also heard you better be prepared to be preached to, also.

Matty said...

I'm all with you. TGIF. I haven't seen Avatar except for the previews. It sounds like great special effects.

Joanie M said...

You must be really busy lately. You don't post nearly as often as you used to.

John and I saw Avatar and really enjoyed it.

Last night we saw The Book of Eli.... very interesting. I'm interested to see what people thought of it before I really say anything.

Joanie M said...

Hahah!! I just read your blog backwards... you have been posting! I've been too busy to read all the blogs I follow! my bad!

Stumbling, Falling, Dreaming & Flying said...

i seem to work at weekends a lot so i dont get this sensation.