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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hump day!!!

I love Wednesday, just being that much closer to the week-end is such a good thought!!!

Im sorry I haven't been writing as much I seem to have hit a spell where I cant think of a thing to write life seems pretty boring right now. I mean its busy, Im babysitting every day like I have been for years, Im busy with Devin and the older boys. Josh and I have now opened up our third online store. So we are busy just don't feel that I have anything interesting to write about. Does anyone else get this way???


~Tom~ said...

I know I hit dry spells. I am sure everyone does. I also have times where I have things that I think "ooh what a great blog that would be" and I just never make the time to post it.

Don't worry about it. Just post from time to time and let your fans know you are still alive.

Cheryl said...

I definitely do! Which is why I don't blog very life is SUPER's only once in a great while that I'll have something interesting enough to blog about.