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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Power in Prayers


As most of you know my oldest son Kody is over in Iraq.....he has been on deployment since November so the fact Im still able to function is pretty I'm so super close to him and being soooooo far away from him for so long...well lets just say it hasn't been easy!!! Then a few weeks ago he got seafood poisoning from eating scallops on his day off. He got so sick he ended up at the medics hooked to an IV ...the results of this food poisoning lasted for 2 weeks....he continued getting sick even one time having to get a shot to get him to stop throwing up....needless to say this ordeal only put me over the edge...I felt like I couldn't concentrate on anything other then what was possibly going on over there. Kody and I have skype and though we don't get to video on it much...actually its only been one time since he's been there... we are able to type to each other on a daily basis....and he calls me now and then.....but while he was sick I went days not hearing anything...and therefor not knowing anything. It truly was almost more then I could I turned to the one thing I knew could make this all better....I started asking everyone to please pray for him.....I had so many prayers going up for Kody that the very next day when I talked to him he said mom, I felt so rejuvenated when I woke up today.....and then I knew...all of our prayers had been answered. There is so much power in prayers!!!! I thank God for listening and laying his hands on my son that was so sick....and making him feel brand new again!!!

Heres a few pictures of him over there that Id like to share with everyone!!!

Kody and some battle buddies
Kody is on the bottom with bottle in hand....this was when he was at Kuwait

This was when the boys got to go to the Smashmouth Concert
(Kody is in the middle)

This is Kody at work...refueling a "bird"


~Tom~ said...

Glad to hear he is feeling better. I didn't even know he was sick. You didn't say anything. Love the pictures!

blueviolet said...

I absolutely believe in the power of prayer, just like you said. What a wonderful thing it did for your Kody. I'm so glad he fought that bug off!

Scot said...

Thanks for sharing this. More people need to hear how prayer really does work! Glad he is feeling better. I am sure God's protective hands will keep him safe while he is over there.