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Friday, October 16, 2009

Favorite 4 my Friday

My favorite for today "Joshy"

We've been together for almost 3 years now..and it certainly hasn't always been easy. We were pretty much complete opposites, who had both been thru horrible marriages and had major scars from them. It most definitely didnt make for a good way to start out in a relationship, but here we are 3 years later and we both have grown and learned so much from each other. I wouldn't change a thing. I truly feel in my heart that he was meant to find me and that we are meant to be together. Now if you would of asked me that 3 years ago or even 2 years ago I wouldn't of had the same response. But I honestly feel that way now and thats why he is my favorite.....I thank him for being so patient with me...I had been in 2 abusive marriages before he came into my life and so trust was not something that came easy for me...but he stood by my side and was determined to show me that I could trust him..and I will be forever grateful for that. For him he had to deal with alot in his past too but one thing that hurt him bad was being cheated I had to show him that he could trust and believe in I said it wasnt an easy road for us but we traveled it and we are now on the road of happiness..sure we hit bumps along the way, but its how we handle those bumps now that makes all the difference in the world.

Everyday I get more afraid
Of giving my heart away
Scared of what love will bring
Too nervous to hear the words you’ll say
I find myself lost in you
Not sure if I want to be
I see the looks that you give
And wonder what you see in me
I don’t want my heart broken
But I am so in love
I can’t seem to give up
A guy sent from above
So I’m gonna trust you
Please don’t let me down
For I am giving you a chance
To turn my life around
Don’t take it for granted
‘Cause it might not last long
I have weak thoughts
And my heart isn’t too strong
I’m putting my life in your hands
Now it’s all up to you
I look forward to the places we go
And the things we’ll be put through
But remember that I’m vulnerable
And I can’t stand to be hurt
I want to be at the top of your list
But I don’t have to be first
Believe me when I tell you
That I love you with all my heart
That I’m here for you forever and always
Just like I was at the start.


mommaof3 said...

Aww so sweet! reminds me of hubby and I.
oh my hubby is crocheting a Tony Stewart blanket.

it sucked that Tony didnt win. maybe next time
are you a fan of any his sites?

RileyScott said...

That's so sweet Dena

~Tom~ said...

Great post. I can honestly say he is a good man for you. He puts in the effort. Only two things in this post disturb me. The first being those Tony Stewart hats of course. Yuck. The second was something you wrote:

"but its how we handle those bums now that makes all the difference in the world."

I really didn't want to picture you handling his "bum"! I was going to have lunch....sigh now I have to wait! LOL Hugz kiddo

Aunt of 14 said...

Oh my, this is soooo good. I love the poetry and the pictures and your honesty. It is so awesome.

You forgot to add that your guy is also very very good looking!!

I love the fact that you both had similiar past marriages, both came into this relationship with scars and both of you mended them together... TOGETHER being the key word. That is so great!

Now I need to find ME someone to write poetry about.

Alicia @ boylerpf said...

This is fantastic...for both you & Josh! I love the picture of you kissing ;) All the bad parts you go through only make it ten times better. Kudos to the both of you!!!

Momza said...

Perfect. Wonderful. Love.

My Aimless Infatuation said...

So glad you finally found mutual love and respect. I understand fully well what abuse does to a person........I lived it most of my life and am now alone and not having to live in fear anymore. With my trust issues,I'm sure I will stay alone. You are young and have been blessed with a good man. Enjoy each other.

Missy said...

You are a lucky girl! Great post!