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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What about me 4 my Wednesday

Todays what about more about my son..but it fits the theme still because its about how proud of him I am!!!

My middle son Dakota goes to school for auto mechanic/auto body and this past week-end in our small little town we had a car show, and the car that his class at the college he goes to did, and are raffling off, was here. It gave me a good feeling inside knowing that my son was a part of this project. To know that something he always had an interest in is something he is actually doing and I get to see it! Of course he sends me pics using his phone now and then to show me something he is working on in class but it was so much better to be up close and see it. .this car was a rusty mess with no front end!! And this is what it looks like today..and MY DAKOTA was a part of it!!!!!!

The students, have restored a 1967 Chevrolet Chevelle. Each year the Automotive and Autobody students at North Platte Community College decide on a vehicle and take a full year to complete an off-chassis restoration.

This car has been modified and has Tubular front and rear suspension. It has been lowered 3" front and 2" rear. Power comes from a 350 tune-port engine, bolted to a 700 R4 transmission and coupled to a 3:73 12-bolt posi-trac rear end. The sound system was donated by VK Electronics of North Platte and consists of a Kenwood/JBL sound system. Final touches include vintage air conditioning and a remote start system. It's wrapped up in PPG Paint (Hawaiian Orchid poly) that was donated by Mid Plains Auto Finishes.

This project is an excellent training resource for the students. The students must first understand the theory from both the old to the new and then configure a way to apply the technology to the vehicle. For example, this year's car has a late model engine equipped with fuel injection, computers, sensors and other major differences not found in 1967. The students must first understand how the engine is going to perform in a different car, find a place to mount the computer, make the sensors function properly and design an electrical system to support it.

Yep Im a proud momma...and Im just waiting for him to get done with school and find a 69 SS Chevy Camaro to restore for ME!!!!


~Tom~ said...

Way to go Dakota!

Homer and Queen said...

Smokin' car!!! How much did it go for?

RileyScott said...

Sweet Ride

~Thought's By Dena~ said...

Homer and Queen they are still doing the a matter of fact its going to be at cruise night this week-end and we are going so I will get to see it again!!!

Sally's World said...


Alicia @ boylerpf said...

Way cool car!! And way cool for Dakota to be a part of it's restoration! You must let us know what the raffle brings.