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Monday, July 20, 2009

No its NOT red neck!!!

This past week-end we went to cruise night in a town about 50 miles from us. In the past 15 years Ive gone to this about 12 times. Its a day full of checking out some really cool cars starting out with the show n shine in the early part of the day, you can go check out the drag races during the later part of the day. And then the cruisin starts. Now to alot of you reading this you will probably think how stupid or how boring...or maybe even well if that doesnt sound "red-neck" but to the thousands of people who join in on this tradition its just plain fun and it doesnt cost a thing!!! You literally pick your spot anywhere on the main two strips of road in this town and you enjoy about 500 vintage cars, and some tricked out cars, with around 20,000 other people. People bring coolers and grills, you have people smokin food...grillin food....and everyone kickin back enjoying cars cruisin the strip all night long. Its like a big party!!!! People come from all around even other states to be a part of this some to show off their car and others to sit back and just enjoy all the cars. Here are just a few of the pictures we took. Im a 68', 69' ss Chevy Camaro lover, Josh loves the1977 smokey and the bandit Trans am, and we both think the Chevelle is a pretty smokin car. There was every old car you could think of here!!!!

Devin thought the tricked out cars were the coolest!!! Here's just a couple we took pics of.

He also really liked the guy riding around with the Mohawk helmet!!!

of course he turned his head just as the camera took the picture...grrrrr!!!

Anyway it was a good time had by all both of my older boys were there Dakota cruised in his painted up Sunbird...or "the bird" as he calls it sorry I didnt get a pic of that beauty he showed up when it was me you aren't missing a thing..hehe (love you Dakota)
Anyway if you are around here next year around the middle of July you will have to join us...I just know that you wont be sitting there thinking we are a bunch of crazy rednecks once you participate in this yearly event!!!!! And if you do I'll just get you all boozed up and put you on the back of the bike with the Mohawk guy...see who's thinking red-neck then!!!


Juls said...

Sounds like a fun time...and I would never accuse anyone else of being "redneck" since a lot of my ways could probably be considered redneck as well. Boozed up, does sound fun though...:)

Sally's World said...

looks like a great time...i actually want a mohawk helmet now!

Samsmama said...

Did somebody say Smokey & The Bandit? I'll have you know I watched that twice over the weekend. I had such a crush as a kid. But it was on Snowman.

Great pics! My Aunt & Uncle are freaks over that sort of thing. They have some of the coolest cars!

Alicia @ boylerpf said...

Sounds like a great time...we always called them tailgate parties & had a blast!

~Tom~ said...

We have car shows here frequently. In fact there is something similar to what you went to every thursday in the next town over. Then at the Summerfest there is a huge car show on that Sunday each year. Sad part is seeing a 78 Camaro as a classic. I had one and seeing it there makes me feel old. lol My wife should feel older I guess. She had a 67 Mustang at one time.

Fearless Nester said...

Hi there! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a nice comment for me. BTW, I live with a "gearhead" and I probably should let him see the muscle cars you posted on here, but he's watching t.v. right now! I had a chance to look around and I like your writing on here. I'll be back!

Karen in Texas said...

What a wonderful day! I loved the pics Dena. I wish they had something like that around here to take my kids to.

Delena said...

We go to car shows every chance we get. My husband has a 55 Chev 4 door, he wished it was 2 door, however it is beautiful and almost restored. Cost us the farm to restore it so far. One son has a 67 Camaro, mint condition and my other son has a 68 Roadrunner, mint. When we are in Yuma we go to Midnight on the Oasis, awesome car show. Also in Canada there are many car show weekends.