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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I got an award!!!

I got an award from Devin and from Riley.....yay Im so excited!!!!!

The Rules:

-Each blogger to whom the award is given must post these requests.

-Each blogger to whom the award is given must list 10 random things about themselves and pass the award on to other recipients.

-The award recipients then need to do the same.

-Don't forget to leave a comment telling the recipient about the award.

1) I'm extremely claustrophobic!!

2)my eyes change color in different kinds of light...some times they look blue and sometimes they look green

3) I've been hurt alot in life ...because of that I tend to be very
cautious of everyone

4) I tend to over analyze things

5) I rarely drink but when I do Im a happy drunk....everyone always wants to drink with me...cuz I do silly things and laugh alot!

6)Now that my two older boys are off to college I sometimes feel really sad inside like they dont need me like they used to

7) and yet I love that they both are able to survive on their own..and they both are going to college!!!

8) before I got with Josh I was a single mom raising my boys on my own...its not an easy task....but it can be made me and my boys stronger

9) I have a very crafty side...I just seemed to of lost it in the last few years...I kinda want it back!


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Kathy B! said...

You've got me in a nutshell (except my kids are younger, but I have been feeling less needed A LOT lately) on 3,4,5,6 and 7!

And congrats on your richly deserved award :)

~Tom~ said...

You don't over analyze things. You are just a deep thinker. A VERY deep thinker!

Meeko Fabulous said...

Thanks for the award Dena! Don't feel like your kids don't need you. They do, they just don't want you to know. LOL I'd rather find my way around asking my mom for a favor. LOL See . . . We want to prove that we CAN make it on our own. To prove to you all that we are grown ups. LOL Kids are complicated, aren't we?

Juls said...

LOL, I've done that before...
I think I said...

Wow! Thanks, I think you ROCK too! My girls aren't even in college yet--and well, I feel like they don't need me a lot of the time. Sad days. :) IT was nice getting to know more about you.

Have a great Tuesday

(it went something like that) :)

Cozyflier said...

Hi Dena, congrats on your award! Sorry, I've been MIA!

I'd love to help you paint, if I had time. I'll be up in your neck of the woods next week! We are going to Montana and S. Dakota. Pretty sure we will be coming through your area!

Oh well, in a rush to get to a conference for Kev and squeeze in Mt. Rushmore and the Nat'l parks!


Sally's World said...

Great answers Dena, you have a way of summing up the feelings of motherhood in short sentences, its lovely xxxxxxx

Alicia @ boylerpf said...

Well, you've got me to a T...especially the last one..LOVE being a MOM! Thanks so much for the deserve the accolades for delivering the honest scrap!