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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Dont Let Life Pass You By


It sprinkled today... Nothing major just a small storm cloud passed over ... But it made me wonder how many people noticed it... Now a days it seems everyone is so busy with other things they don't notice life around them ... I hate when I go out and I see people with their faces in their phones ... While out eating .. Shopping... Driving.. Even their kids sporting events!! I'm not one of those people ... I want to talk to the ones I'm with ... I want to see my son play ball!! I don't want moments to pass me by and I miss it and I think more people should be this way ... The tweets... Snapchats ...Facebook and Instagram post can wait ... Take time to enjoy life and make sure the ones you are with know just how much they mean to you... Because we aren't promised tomorrow .... So be in this moment now~

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